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Sunday news roundup

First off… apologies for the extremely poor performance/unavailabilty of the Chelsea Football Club Blog today; some of the software on..

The ego is branded

We’ve always known he was a bit special, now Jose Mourinho is set to become a national trademark after Chelsea..

Mourinho's appeal

I’ve just read the statement of the Premier League Appeals Committee concerning the Mourinho and Cole appeals, and, as usual,..

Lost in transition

While many believe that set-pieces are the decisive factor in a game, for Mourinho the key to winning lies in..

FA v JM – Round 666

The Football Association has begun its latest offensive against Jose Mourinho by saying his well publicised comments about Arsenal’s David..

Sunday digest

The Independent on Sunday carries three articles worth reading for their entertainment and scaremongering value. The first two focus on..

Mourinho pays tribute to Zola

Jose Mourinho has expressed regret at not getting the opportunity to work with Chelsea legend Gianfranco Zola during the Italian’s..