Gerrard is the loser

Jose Mourinho’s latest utterances of truth will no doubt rile Red Scousers into a frenzy.

In an interview with The Times, the Portuguese genius says he’s sure Steven Gerrard’s decision to reject a move to Stamford Bridge will hurt the Liverpool captain more than Chelsea.

“Gerrard is a great player and we want an English core very much,”? Mourinho told the newspaper. “We normally play a midfield triangle and you can imagine that Gerrard and Lampard, with Makelele just behind them as protection, could be a very strong team but I think it is Gerrard’s loss more than Chelsea’s.

“Why? Because Chelsea have good solutions; a good team with the conditions to improve and a club which will be one of the best in the world in a short period of time. So when he decides not to join this club, I think it will be a loss for him, for his career.

“He can say ‘I was European champion at Liverpool’ and I have to say that is correct. But I can say to him in the next ten years we will compare trophies at Chelsea and trophies at Liverpool. And he will lose.”?