Pivotal Transfers Throughout Chelsea’s History


Now one of the most influential teams in the world, Chelsea have always pushed the boundaries both on the field and off it. With the summer transfer window in full swing, we decided to looks backwards instead of forward to see which players and signings have helped to propel the club to the position they are in today.

While not every transfer is a hit, Chelsea have shown incredible foresight and tactical nous to pick up some of the best players on the planet and turned them into club legends.

Here’s 3 of the best to ever do it in a Chelsea shirt.

Gianfranco Zola

Gianfranco Zola’s entry in Chelsea FC truly set the bar high for both their own club and their rivals at such an early time in its existence. Those ingrained in the sport would know just how much of a phenomenon he was when playing on the field and fortunately for Chelsea, they knew just how to unlock Zola’s full potential. 

The Italian playmaker could not have come at a better time for the club, especially since Chelsea struggled with effective offensive plays. Zola took up the challenge and created magic on the pitch for his teammates and more importantly, the Chelsea fanbase. It would be nearly impossible to defend Zola because the footwork that the man possessed is complex to a fault.

Should Zola find himself cornered between defenders and the fancy footwork seems like it’s about to fail, defenders should look out for his passing plays. Zola can easily spot his teammates and make the most impossible pass like it’s easy. These creative passes are fondly remembered throughout football history as standards that can be difficult to surpass!

Frank Lampard

Another transfer that elevated and established Chelsea FC as football elites is Frank Lampard. This man would always place high up on any sport bet ranking when he played with Chelsea and with good reason. Lampard was a scoring machine for Chelsea and a devastating defensive responsibility for any opposing player. He brought life to Chelsea’s midfield game which was key when securing victories in multiple football leagues.

During Lampard’s peak, sports sites such as Betway would likely have placed Chelsea at the top of their sports books every time the club reached the final stages of any league they were competing in. Lampard was a menace in this regard for their opponents, since he possessed a remarkable drive to win in high-risk situations. Chelsea fans credit Lampard’s expertise for Chelsea’s multiple wins in the Premier League, FA Cup, and the Champions League.

Lampard was also exemplary in the sport even while he’s sitting away from the pitch. He extended his leadership to Chelsea eventually by signing on as their manager after his career as their football star

Claude Makélélé

If Lampard was an offensive genius for Chelsea’s midfield, Claude Makélélé operated in the same level by beefing up Chelsea’s midfield defense. Makélélé would hold their opponents at an impasse whenever they tried any offensive play that would make it into his zone. His defensive plays were so good, in fact, that it eventually spawned the term “Makélélé role” in modern football.

Makélélé’s defensive plays helped Chelsea put offensive stops that would impede goal progressions from their opponents in high-profile matches. Makélélé’s consistency, paired with his efficiency, propelled Chelsea to two consecutive Premier League wins, cementing his legacy not just in Chelsea history, but in football as well.

Through smart decisions charged with incredible foresight and resourcefulness, Chelsea’s history as an elite football club is simply just illustrious. Chelsea’s creativity was fully exercised when they made these iconic transfers which secured their reputation as a legendary football club to this day.