Hiddink: Remy Not Leaving The Club In January

Loic Remy

Guus Hiddink has stated that Loic Remy will stay at Chelsea until the end of the season at least and won’t be leaving in the January transfer window.

HiddInk said: “He will stay until the end of the season. I have seen little of him because he repeatedly fell into injury. I am curious. I hope Remy picks it up. I hope he will deliver if he is needed.”

This delivers a ray of hope that Remy will get to see some action for Chelsea, particularly with injuries to Costa, Hazard and Falcao.

It also delivers a blow to Remy’s suitors across Europe and in the Premier League who will now have to look elsewhere. I dare say that a permanent transfer couldbe available for Remy if the money is right. But the same could be said of any player.

It’s common knowledge that Chelsea are in the market for at least one new striker and possible further attacking players – Alex Teixeira being a name that won’t go away.

Hiddink, though, has a point – Remy’s injuries have certainly held him back from making more appearances for the club. He’s made just one start this season.

We’re yet to see the best of Loic Remy and he has now been challenged to show what he’s got in the second half of the season.

A season as dire as Chelsea’s so far will always offer up opportunities to players on the fringe and Remy is certainly at the front of that queue. Much more so than Bamford in any case.

Remy is available and could play a part in Wednesday’s nights game against West Brom.

Meanwhile Costa looks to have shaken off his bruised knee and will now feature against West Brom.