Petr Cech signs for Arsenal – and will make debut against Chelsea?

Cech Bayern

So it would seem the inevitable has finally happened and Arsenal have signed Petr Cech from Chelsea. The, almost finalised, deal is rumoured to be £11 million pounds on a three year deal (a rumoured salary of £100,000 per week), finally resolves the question mark on Cech’s future, and sees him joining one of Chelsea’s biggest rivals. While this is a great move for the player, I can’t help but think the move to the “almost complete” Arsenal squad could significantly cost Chelsea next season. As John Terry has said this week – he will be worth another 15 points to the Gunners. Terry was quoted;

There’s talk of Arsenal signing Petr Cech and, if they do get him, he will strengthen them for sure. He will save them 12 or 15 points a season.

Here at CFCB we do have a love / hate relationship with Arsenal. Without competitive rivals, the drama and fun of football would never been the same, and the high level of fast pace football Arsenal can play is at times jaw dropping. Without a truly World Class keeper since Jens Lehmann, Petr is going to make a huge difference to their sometimes nervy defensive back four. If Arsene Wenger can fix the other (small) issues with the squad I can see them being a true challenger for the title next season. Finally. A word I am sure Arsenal fans will begin to say throughout the summer. Maybe something that will be muttered at Petr’s debut game – likely to be against Chelsea in the Community Shield at Wembley in early August. How very typical hey?

When Petr Cech is in goal, fans remain as calm, level headed and concentrated on the game as Petr is. A player who you can almost instantly trust, and back, in any situation on the pitch. 168 Premier League clean sheets for Chelsea, from 333 games. And in the 2004/05 season Petr managed 10 clean sheets back to back, only behind the Dutch master Edwin Van De Sar who managed 14 in the 2008/09 Premier League season.

The game against Bayern Munich in the Champions League Final is one Chelsea fans will never forget, and for that game alone he should be allowed to choose his next club and have the full backing of the club. While I am sure all Chelsea fans will wish him big success in the future, let’s just hope the success is not too significant…

Over to you Petr.