José Mourinho Expects Significant Transfer Movement

Jose Mourinho

While Chelsea are expected to make three or four additions to their League winning squad, Jose Mourinho expects significant transfer movement from their rivals likening it to “Wall Street collapsing”, knowing that they will need to spend big to mount a serious chance of challenging for the title.

Similar to last summer, Chelsea will be looking to keep the books balanced, selling players to make way for new blood. With that, there could be some significant departures to cover the cost of big name players – possible signings Griezmann, Lacazette and Pedro won’t come cheap. Will the money from Cech, Felipe Luis and Drogba be enough to cover these big names, or will other big name players need to leave?

Jose Mourinho is fully expecting Liverpool, Arsenal and both Manchester clubs to spend significantly to seriously push Chelsea in the 2015/16 season.

Jose said;

“The market is difficult, I can imagine that this summer, it will be like Wall Street collapsing. I can imagine that some clubs are coming into the market with such determination that they will disrupt the market and take it in unexpected directions. But we are in a good situation. We have this stability in our squad. We don’t need dramatic changes. We have to be loyal to our players because we believe in them.

“What other clubs are going to do is not going to affect our direction. If others buy 10 players each, that will not push us to do things we don’t want to do. We are stable. I’m in a different position to last season. Then, I was more than keen for my club to sell some players and in this moment I’m very, very happy to keep my players. The base last year was to sell to buy. The base this season is to keep my squad, but to give some extra motivation to the squad and a couple of extra options to improve.”

When talking about the players linked to Chelsea, Jose said;

“Every player is linked to our club: some because they want to come; some because they want better contracts in their clubs,”  “That’s the nature of the market. We are not going to get into this game. It doesn’t affect us. It is what it is, but we know what we want, and it’s not much.”

Out of the 20 teams in the Premier League this season, Chelsea have used the fewest amount of players, and I am sure our squad size will increase next season. With such an extensive number of players out on loan, I just hope that some get a chance to return and perform on the big stage.

Our Premier League rivals will spend big, and I am looking forward to seeing some more big names playing in England. But I feel that with a few tweaks here and there, and another big goalscorer to join Diego Costa, Chelsea will only be stronger next year and it’ll be a few years yet before we’re knocked off our perch.