Could Chelsea swoop for free agent Luis Suárez in January?


As unlikely a transfer as this would be, Chelsea fans are reeling from today’s poor showing against Arsenal and amongst other things are calling for reinforcements.

Luis Suárez has just finished his contract at Nacional Montevideo in his home country of Uruguay as he prepares to lead his national side at the World Cup. After that is anyone’s guess.

Boehly and Potter’s policy so far has been to recruit young talent with a long term plan to blend them into the squad. This will take time.

Football is fickle as fans are even calling for Potter’s head as early as 2 months into the job and while it seems clear he will be given time, some supporters suggest a stop gap striker could help.

Suárez wouldn’t cost a penny in transfer fees and knows the league well. His only drawback would be his age but rotation is an option with Potter opting for various players as striker depending on the system.