VIDEO: Chelsea Fan Goes Viral With X-Rated Rant

The video above is courtesy of 100PercentChelsea who produce some fantastic Chelsea related video content, particularly when it comes to interviewing fans before and after games.

With emotions naturally running high immediately after a match, it’s often the best opportunity to get a bit of raw, unadulterated opinion from the fans who go to the Bridge every single week and have something to get off their chest.

This particular video has to be one of my favourites to date, with a clearly passionate and loyal Chelsea fan completely losing his head and dropping the f-bomb more times in 3 minutes 2 seconds than is probably healthy after the 3-1 defeat to Southampton at the weekend. It doesn’t help that he gets interrupted halfway through by a few joyous Saints fans.

Despite the genuine and heartfelt pleas, from asking Mourinho to drop Ivanovic to pondering why Chelsea fans are leaving after 75 mins when we’re losing (and he has a point), it’s hard not to smile as he so clearly works himself up into a furious rage to the point where he has to walk off camera.

Passion, pride and entertainment on full view. Glorious stuff.

We hope you enjoy the video as much as we did. And give 100PercentChelsea a follow when you get chance.