Chelsea 4-2 Reading – Tweets, Reports, Goals

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The buildup…

The first half…


The second half…


The match reports

The Guardian, Dominic Fifield: “Chelsea perch on top of the fledgling Premier League table, restored to the summit for the first time in almost 21 months, yet that is where the prescribed script from this frantic occasion has to be ditched. Where the locals might have anticipated a saunter, instead the emotion that gripped this stadium on the final whistle was one of relief. It felt like an achievement to deflate and defeat Reading, newly arrived from the Championship.”

The Daily Telegraph, Henry Winter: “This game had been brought forward because of Chelsea’s involvement in the Uefa Super Cup in Monaco next week but there were periods when they looked anything like the champions of Europe. The Championship winners led at half-time, having exploited alarming mistakes in the Chelsea defence.”

The Official Chelsea FC Website: “It needed late goals from Fernando Torres and Branislav Ivanovic to seal victory and make it two wins out of two after Chelsea overcame a first-half wobble that gave Reading a lead at the interval. As at Wigan, the football at times oozed promise for the season to come with Eden Hazard again impressing.”

The goals

18′ Lampard (pen) 1-0
25′ Pogrebnyak 1-1
29′ Guthrie 1-2
69′ Cahill 2-2
81′ Torres 3-2
90+5′ Ivanovic 4-2

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  1. Der_Kaiser

    On (albeit limited) evidence thus far, we could end up anywhere between 1st and 8th this season but it could be a barrel of fun along the way.  Really good game, I thought – fully behind Robbie but by no means certain he know what he’s doing with all that attacking talent yet; fell somewhere between inspired and chaotic last night.

    Oh, and we’ll lose Hazard to Real Madrid for about £100m in 3 years… 😉

    • NorthernVA

      Oh, and we’ll lose Hazard to Real Madrid for about £100m in 3 years…”

      We could always preempt any advances from Real by handing him the armband. I learned of this chicanery upon meeting the Gallic sage during my travels.

  2. Cunningplan

    Loved our new Audi sponsored seats in the dugouts!
    Also great picture Nick, the Eden Project… inspired!

  3. mark_25

    Sorry to be so gushing after such a short period of time but Hazard looks absolutely amazing. Fast powerful runs, tight ball control, excellent passing and even tracks back and tackles with vigour.

    Lampard might get over 30 goals this season with Hazard getting a penalty in almost every game.

    Saw glimpses of the future with fine ‘combinations’ between Hazard, Oscar and Mata.

    Still think we need to talk about Fernando.

  4. Der_Kaiser

    Betting on Nick’s choice of picture for the Newcastle game:

    First edition cover of Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden’ – evens
    Still of James Dean looking moody in film adaptation of the same – 6/4
    ‘Artistic’ shot of Eve in the Garden of Eden – 7/2
    Anthony Eden – 5/1
    Something else entirely – 1/10

  5. Cunningplan

    Also with regard the game, and subsequent reporting and headlines. Why is it that there appears to be a lot of fuss about the offside goal from Torres?, when very little fuss was made about Tevez and his opener for Citeh.

    It appears the agenda and narrative for Chelsea is, we were lucky CL winners, and our luck continues in this years PL.

    • Guest

      It seems that Torres doesn’t have to do much to warrant endless debate about his abilities in the media or among the fan-base. This is unfortunate, because not much is precisely what he does consistently.

      I don’t mind luck, better to have lucky manager than a good one. And based on our performances under RDM I’m thinking he is more suited to former category.

  6. Musumba

     Oscar played quite poorly when he came on today.He Gave the ball away very easily and had some awful passes, but i still think he’ll be very good in the long-term,he needs some steroids to unleash the Messi in him. The game actually changed when Sturridge came in, apart from his moment of selfishness,he played very well today. and i think his name deserves to be on the starting lineup.Unlike Torres he has the bravery to try  and it was evident he gave us some width for a change. Torreses’ torso was marginally offside but his feet onside i thought he scored with his feet and not torso.

    • mark_25

      Yes but if you study the FIFA rules on offside

      Consideration should be given to any part of the head, body or feet of the attacker in relation to the second last defender, the ball or the halfway line.

      For the purposes of this decision, the arms are not considered to be part of the body.

      the torso still counts.  Fortunately the rule doesn’t mention the penis otherwise I’d have been permanently offside.

      • Fuzzy Dunlop III

        Aren’t the officials supposed to give the benefit of the doubt to the attacker?  As Torres feet were on side he got the benefit of the doubt, if he’d scored with his head he’d have been flagged offside.  A lot of fuss about nothing, but what would you expect when Chelsea get a perceived “lucky break.”

        • mark_25

          No because if any part of his body/head were nearer the goal he’s offside.  Forget the fact he was dragging his feet, the relevant body parts were clearly offside.

  7. Cunningplan

    Torres wasn’t offside the goal stood, my understanding of the rules are, if the goal is given then it’s legitimate.
    Just saying.

    • E Is Mcsquare

      Right on. Can we move beyond the offside? Media is already chewing it for 15 hours now. And we have had our share of ridiculous decisions going the other way. So, that’s a proper goal for me, no offside.

      The way I see it, we deserved three points. But full credit to Reading to make it tough. They had a spell of 20 minutes in second half where they went ahead. Both keepers cancelled each other out.

      I think we are not getting enough credit to our midfield yet (Except for Hazard) – you have to keep in mind, they just played first 180 minutes together. It takes time to get on the same wavelength. There were too many mistimed passes because of that, and it’s bound to happen when we want to play tiki-taka.

      Our defense look okay – yes, they scored two goal, but the first one was just absolute beauty. For a second, I thought we were playing in Yellow with Drogba leading the charge – it was very Chelsea type goal. Their forward and wingers gave us trouble, I agree, but that was more about the midfield, not just last four.

      Torres, may he find his feet again. But now that we have unleashed our hidden striker Ivanovic, I am not too worried 🙂

      Talking about tiki-taka, I hope RDM has some plan B. There will be time when we will need to be more direct.

  8. Blue_MikeL

    Let’s see how Geordies game goes. I think EPL has put their Hazard lights on and he will be constantly foiled. Otherwise great result and great feeling.  

  9. Fiftee

    Torres looked offside to me. But so what. Disallowing it would mean it finished 3-2 to us. So we still score more than them. Unless I’ve missed a rule change, that’s still a win.

    So can the press and Matt Lucas-alike McDermott stop chuntering on like it matters and STFU.

    Torres is a huge concern. Doesn’t look any more likely to suddenly become the Fernando of old. Sturridge is absolutely not going to do any different in that role. With Lukaku out on loan, I am assuming (probably dangerously) we’re going to sign someone else. Cavani or Hulk I guess?

  10. Cunningplan

    I appreciate some on here don’t have much of a liking for Torres, fair enough we’re all entitlted to our view on players. I’m more than happy to give him until the end of this season to see if he can score the ammount of goals that a striker of his ability is able to, before deciding if it would be best for Chelsea to sell him on.

    He did score what was in effect the winning goal last night, so regardless of his so called sulking or laziness which has been alluded to, he was in the right position to stick the important goal away.
    There are still players in the team who don’t seem to want to pass to him, even when he’s in acres of space and unmarked, Ramires being one of them last night, and lets not even mention Sturridge when he’s got the ball.

    We’ve now got the players who can create space and pick out a pass, all they need to do is anticipate his runs and execute said passes. And as something that’s been previously mentioned, someone tell Cech to stop hoofing the ball to him, he’s not Drogba.
    My view on RDM currently, and I don’t think he’s good enough to manage/coach a team of this quality, I hope I’m wrong but I’ve got an uneasy feeling he could be gone by Xmas.

    And perhaps we should tell young Mr Hazard that Branners is a defender and not a striker, and when he passes the ball forward, to keep an eye out for a blonde haired Spaniard instead. 😉

    • E Is Mcsquare

      I don’t subscribe to the notion that others don’t pass ball to him. It’s just that they don’t pass it to him when they should (e.g. Ramires). Except Sturridge. But then, he does not want to pass it to anyone.

      If Torres is as sharp as he should be, I think it’s just matter of time. Our midfield revamp is definitely geared towards feeding him more.

      • Cunningplan

        That’s why I think he should be judged after this season.

        I agree we now have the type of players thats suits his type of game, he’ll have nowhere to hide if he fails to get well into double figures this season.

  11. mark_25

    With the signing of Moses, added to Eden, Hazard and Oscar, it’s manna from heaven for headline puns.

  12. Der_Kaiser

    Always welcome a new signing, but slightly baffled by Moses – presumably a Malouda replacement, but can’t really see where he fits in.

    He’ll be handy on waterlogged pitches, though.

    (I appreciate that may not be an entirely original addition to the debate).

    • mark_25

      Trouble is there are going to be endless conflicts with JT’s position as captain as Victor keeps issuing commandments

      • Blueboydave

        Who said the spirit of variety theatre was dead?

        If we’re working on punning headlines remember the bar was set many years ago when Gerry Queen was playing for that team who live at Selhurst Park. He was sent off for fighting in one home game leading to the classic headline:

        Queen in Brawl at Palace.

      • Der_Kaiser

        Of course, but they won’t be set in stone.  Oh, hang on…

        Readers, please note that this is the kind of top quality banter that you’ll be hearing when the Podding Shed returns.

        No, wait – come back, we haven’t finished yet…

        • mark_25

          Plus it’s going to disrupt the dressing room.  Most players settle for a Brazilian but Victor insists on using his cigarette lighter.

  13. Cunningplan

    Surely all of our signings from now on must be of biblical proportions…
    So we need Gabriel Fernández Arenas to add to our stable!

  14. TrueBlue

    Is Moses our answer for a right sided wide winger? Mata and Hazard play better through the middle and if played wide, naturally drift to the center. Marin and Moses seem to be our natural left and right sided wide players, with Mata/ Hazard/ Oscar left to fight it out for the AMC positon? Studge and Torres fight over the CF position, leaving Lamps/ Mikel/ Essien/ Ramiries/ Miereles/ Romeu to fight for the 2 CM slots. we seem overweight here, so I think Miereles should be sold off. 

    In defense, we have Cole and Ryan at LB. CD is covered by Cahill, JT, Luiz and Branners, leaving just Cesar as our main RB, with Paulo as back up? Then we have Cech and Turnball as GK. 

    Pretty great squad with good cover. Dunno if Kakuta will stay and will Piazon get any playing time? I hope Malouda and Yossi leave as well and don’t just stick around for the pay check. 

    I don’t think we need any more players, i.e. a cavani or Hulk. If studge or Torres are out for a long time, we can always recall Lukaku. 

  15. Musumba

    Tiote may spoil the party by breaking Hazards legs with an agricultural challenge,he is very capable!The combined cost of Moses plus Ceaser azpilicueta is still cheaper than the loaned Lukaku.

  16. limetreebower

    Oh look, it’s the football season again.

    My first 90 minutes but I liked the look of the team, the balance seems good and everyone appears to know what they’re doing. It must be a good sign when Meireles and Obi stand out as two of the better players (all right, Obi was always good, but you know what I mean.)

    Those who watched on TV might be able to help: did Torres dive for his booking? It certainly looked to me — and to everyone around me — like a genuine foul and a certain yellow for Coloccini.

    Interesting to see who Robbie loves (Bertrand) and isn’t so sure about (Romeu?).

    • E Is Mcsquare

      did Torres dive for his booking?

      Caught a little bit of Coloccini, and probably his speed did the rest. Contact = Yes, so Dive = No.

    • Ryan

      I think the booking was for dissent actually. Phil Dowd has previous with Fernando though. Think he booked him for a dive last year when he really should’ve awarded a penalty (can’t remember who it was against. Sorry).

    • Cunningplan

      I concur with the view that Torres didn’t dive, and it should have been a free kick.

      Pretty useless that Torres bloke though, can’t finish for toffee. 😉
      He can be bone idle for 89 mins for all I care, but if he can score goals like that to win us games it’ll do for me.

      • Ryan

        I keep hearing about him “getting back to his best” and I just wonder how many pundits/experts have actually sat down and watched whole games from his days at Liverpool. I know we all remember the goals. Sure he scored lots of goals then but by his own admission there were games where he scored a goal or two but didn’t do much else all game. I certainly remember him doing that against us.

        Anyway my point is if you’re a striker and you score goals you’re bullet-proof. If you stop scoring, the pot-shots rain in.

        • Cunningplan

          Pundits seem to have their own agenda when it comes to players and teams, and once they form an opinion they seem to stick to that narrative. Certainly agree with regard Torres if he keeps scoring then he’s going to be praised, but as I previously mentioned, he’ll have nowhere to hide this season should he not get well into double figures.

          • Ryan

            Absolutely. The signs are good though. In the four games we’ve played (including the Charity Shield) he’s scored three times. You can’t really knock that. If he was a new player (Cavani or Falcao for example) without all of the Torres baggage the press would be talking about the impact he has had in much the same way as they did with Aguero last year. I’m not Fernando’s biggest fan but he is a great goalscorer. His movement for his goal yesterday was every bit as good as Hazard’s back-heel. He will score goals this season.

            On an unrelated topic, there were a lot of unfavorable comparisons made this summer between the achievements of the Olympians and those of our beloved footballers. For a truly inspirational story of a footballer overcoming great adversity to reach the top of his sport look no further than our newest signing Victor Moses.

  17. Ryan

    In other news… Wayne Rooney got a nasty gash today. Unusually for him he didn’t have to pay for it. Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

  18. Ryan

    Sorry that link doesn’t work for some reason (my stupidity, I’m guessing?). Just google “Victor Moses parents”.

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