Arsenal 0-0 Chelsea – Frustration!

The night before

Went to the Bridge to watch the youth. Unlike the Barcelona match we were the smaller team with Blackburn proving that meat pies with gravy will make you a bulkier teen. First 20 minutes Blackburn dominated but we managed to score against the run of play. A final score of 4-0 should almost guarantee a second FA Youth Cup in three years. If we were taking a 4-0 lead to Barcelona we’d all be feeling a lot more relaxed.

Team selection

RDM picked the optimum team by changing every player except in positions where he had no choice, with Terry and Cahill having to play due to lack of cover at centre-back. It was good to see Romeu returning from exile. The team selection gave us a chance of beating Arsenal and keeping enough in reserve for this coming Tuesday.

The match

Playing Arselona is good preparation for Barcelona in that Arsenal are the nearest equivalent, in so far as drinking a glass of Pomagne is preparation for a night of Champagne.

We looked organised and confident and our passing game, that disappeared against Wigan and Fulham, was back in place. Arsenal hit the bar and made a couple of chances but we never really looked threatened. In fact it beggars belief that we trail Arsenal in the league but I guess this is due to idiots like me wanting to persevere with AVB.

We had a few attacks that looked really promising but the trio of Torres, Sturridge and Kalou always contrived to make catastrophic final passes.

The match ended 0-0 which in the context of playing Arsenal away, who have had maximum recovery time between games because they’re not challenging for anything, after a week of two tough semi-finals is a terrific result. Whether it’s enough to get us into fourth place remains to be seen but the ultimate scenario has to be either Arsenal or Spurs finishing fourth and we win the Champions League, resulting in the fourth spot qualification being removed.

Player mentions

John Terry is the ultimate leader and warrior and gives everything in every match. You won’t catch JT wearing pink boots. JT was ably supported by the increasingly confident Cahill, Bosingwa, who for once didn’t cause me any heart stopping moments and Ryan Bertrand. Ryan looks like a Premier League player and wouldn’t cause me to panic if he needs to step in for Ashley in any game.

I don’t know where Romeu has been but it was clear he was off pace and lacking match practice. Essien had a decent game and looked strong and survived the full 90 minutes. Even Malouda put in a decent shift and showed his commitment by carrying on after getting a gash on the head after a collision.

Whilst our defence and midfield held tight and stopped Arsenal from scoring our attack lacked any cutting edge. Torres was disappointing for a player that didn’t make the A team for Spurs or Barcelona and I thought he’d try and make more of an impression to give RDM something to think about. According to Ruud Gullit, who pleasingly was very pro Chelsea on Sky, RDM has had a long chat with Sturridge to outline his weaknesses and gave him some videos to study. I’ve no doubt Daniel watched the Trumpton DVD but it had no discernible effect on his performance. Completing the frontline was Kalou who does so much that is right only to tarnish it with a frustratingly poor final ball.


Overall a decent performance and point, with no injuries, means we’re still capable of fighting on all fronts.

RDM gave great pre- and post-match interviews and presents himself in a most statesman like fashion. It was really pleasing to see him and Eddie Newton on our bench compared to the grey and dull Wenger/Rice combo who looked like a before shot in a Grecian 2000 advert.

Time for the players to relax. I don’t know if it’s a good idea for them to watch El Clasico.

The gods are on our side ensuring the woodwork and phantom goals keep our momentum flying. I hope they’re omnipresent and with us at Nou Camp.

The press reports

The Observer, David Hytner: “This was not a good game, to offer one of the understatements of the day, yet the point for both teams did not feel too bad. Arsenal consolidated in third place to retain control of their destiny in terms of a Champions League finish while Chelsea conserved their most important players for Tuesday’s semi-final showdown against Barcelona in Europe’s elite competition. They did not suffer too much damage. Happily for them, they picked up no injuries.”

The Sunday Telegraph, Duncan White: “While Chelsea will doubtless employ conservative tactics in Barcelona, very few of these players will be involved. Di Matteo made eight changes from the side that had beaten Barcelona on Wednesday, with only John Terry, Gary Cahill on Petr Cech retained. In the circumstances it was no surprise that they ceded the initiative to Arsenal.”

The Independent on Sunday, Glenn Moore: “Chelsea head for Catalonia for tomorrow’s Champions League semi-final second leg in far better shape than opponents Barcelona, having enjoyed an encouraging dress rehearsal at the Emirates on Saturday.”

The Official Chelsea FC Website: “It is consecutive London derby draws in the league for Chelsea who earned this point with a much-changed side. For the second game running our opponents hit woodwork twice in the game and had the better chances. Good approach work by Chelsea was too often let down by inaccurate passing in the final third.”

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  1. onenessuk

    A bit worried about Di Matteo. I’ve yet to see him set up the team to attack, especially against top teams, Man.City, Arsenal, Barca etc.

    In his post match interview in responding to Geoff Shreeves question “Was it a risk changing 8 players?” he replied “No, I don’t like gambling and I don’t take risks”.

    I think that says it all about his team selections and shapes.

    Today’s game was a must win to finish in the top 4. Arsenal, after their defeat to Wigan, no Arteta etc. were there for the taking but he set the team up not to lose. We had to win the game!

    Very slim chance of top 4 now, Robbie needs to show he can be positive if he’s to have any chance of his position being made permanent.

    • Dylbo Baggins

      I’m not sure it was a must win, after all we are going for 4th not 3rd, but I certainly agree with your point about RDM showing his more positive/attacking side.

      As such, will be very interested to see what happens when we play newcastle and we absolutely have to win. If Newcastle don’t take 4th then i think it’s ours. Spuds are just waiting to be put down.

      On a slightly related note (not sure if it has been touched on), i wonder what sort of tactics AVB would have used against Barca in the 1st leg if we had of somehow limped to the semi’s under his guidance.  

  2. Fiftee

    Like you Mark, pleasing to see Romeu back. I think the kids got real potential (mind you, after last night he’s really not alone!)

    Pleased with a point. We were never going to win there, and RDM really has taken well to the task at hand. A top 4 finish has been off the cards for ages, so while I agree things hinge on us winning the CL, I can’t see it. Europa League for us next season….

  3. Fiftee

    Damn you Spurs. Damn you QPR.

    Now we have another week where a top 4 finish is almost – ALMOST – a possibility again. Someone end it for me FFS.

  4. Cunningplan

    Predictable result today really, both teams appeared not to want to lose.
    But RM showed us tonight that Barca are now quite fragile, if we can stay in the game for the first 60 mins we can stretch them in the last half hour and sneak it.

  5. Blue_MikeL

    Well, all we wanted is not to lose and we haven’t. After this Tuesday it will become a bit easier in terms of fixtures and understandings of what to do, let’s see.

  6. Cunningplan

    I would just like to draw everyone’s attention to a fine piece written by our esteemed Mr Glover on the official site…

    I will add once again Tony your shameless plagiarism of my posts with the Ali rope a dope analogy.
    I’ve decided that the legal approach is futile, so expect a visit from two ex SAS heavies once I’ve saved up some money to pay for them. 😉

  7. Fat Nakago

    I’m glad we got the point on the road….but we squandered several opportunities in the first half to put the match out of reach and take all 3 points. 

    We rested some of the troops and emerged unscathed.

    But it sure would have been nice to have had Ramires and Mata in for Kalou and Malouda ((and speaking of Malouda, what was up with that Mike Tyson’s Face Haircut he was sporting….I mean, WTF dude!!)). And Sturridge looked a bit better, but he REALLY needs to STUDY those videos harder and then actually APPLY the concepts contained therein. As for Torres, he really needs to play every game to stay sharp (relatively speaking) and consistent (relatively speaking).

    And Bosingwa didn’t screw anything up!! Hooray!!!

    So alls well as ends well, I guess. But I would have liked have seen a goal or three from us. A goal off that corner at the death would have been lovely.

    As for the El Clasico, Barca is sure to have a red-ass on Tuesday. Real came to their house today and slapped ’em 1-2.

    So all hands on deck then. Except for Drogba, who should hit the deck as often as possible for as long as acceptable. ((Is that knee injury for real? Or is that just a mind-game they’re playing with Mr. Pep?)).

    • ChelseaAfrica

      I have to disagree with you on Sturidge. I think he was the
      worst player for us on Saturday, to the extent that some fans were cursing him at
      the pub where I watch the match. I think also that watching the replay will
      prove me right. This is the third time I will mention it on this blog that I
      don’t think his future will that bright in Chelsea FC (this is not a curse
      anyway but what I foresee), expect he is under a manager like TSO or Ferguson.
      The people in praise of him can continue but I think we should call a spade a
      spade, presently he is a squad player.

      Agreed with Machchan on Bosingwa and except if I want to add

      I should go on with mentioning Malouda, Kalou but the report
      has summed it up that “the trio of Torres, Sturridge and Kalou always contrived
      to make catastrophic final passes.

      I think, with few matches back and the remaining
      matches we have, the manager (whether it will be RDM or new manager) should
      know who is leaving in the summer.

  8. Machchan

    Nice report Mark.

    Gotta take issue with your praise of Bosingwa though.  Did you see that free header he gifted Koscielny?  And then there was the typical drift away out of position to let Van Persie in.  Luckily for us both muffed their chances.  I concede though that overall he was a bit better than his usual rubbish.  I for one will be glad to see him leave this summer.

  9. marco_chelsea

    Another enjoyable read – thanks Mark.

    Slightly take issue with you over Torres. I can’t lip-read Spanish but he looked like he was swearing at Mata, Kalou and (in particular) Sturridge after yet another wayward pass gave up a goal-scoring opportunity.

    The Arselona blogs are all pushing the line that we ‘parked the bus’, thereby stopping them from demonstrating how the beautiful game should be played. But we cut them open time and again on the counter-attack and all that was wanting was one decent pass from the threesome just mentioned. They were there for the taking now that van Persie has decided he wants to play for Barcelona instead.

  10. Musumba

    I fully understand Sturridge, he must be wondering what he needs to do to get the main strikers position,that boy is not a winger and should not be confused to be one just because he is lightning quick, He is a striker and an opportunistic finisher to be lets stop killing the confidence of this young fellow,
        Whats worse is Torres ,his body language spoke volumes and i saw him give possession far too easily for someone of his stature,  I  found this very wanting, lest we forget this is the same guy that crucified the old guard ,Torres has had the whole team being rearranged just to accommodate him and still he cant  perform  , if i was the management i would have renewed Anelkas contract and gotten rid of Torres,Torres  should be the first guy to be transfer listed .
       lastly, think we have finally beat  UEFA in their own game, yes we cant  buy the ref or fix matches,but  i highly suspect some voodoo or black magic is being used to neutralize them judging by how often opposing teams have been hitting the crossbar and obvious goals refusing to go in ,
     or maybe Torreses 50M worth Magic urine,thats being smeared each half on the posts is doing the trick and as a result opposing teams are finding it hard to score against us.

  11. bluebayou

    Cheers for the report Mark. Listened on the radio and like so many early kick-offs it was a match that failed to really light up. Chelsea had little choice but to make the changes and an away draw was not too bad in the circumstances.

    Talking of early kick-offs, Chelsea have played 10 games kicking off before 2.00pm, over 25% of their EPL games.

    Chelsea have won just 2 of them, drawn 6 and lost 2.

    Chelsea have failed to score in 5 of those games.

    Five of the games were local derbies. Six were away games and four home games.

  12. Musumba

    Am suspecting Barcelona FC is having a lot of infighting  in the dressing room and some of it is already spilling out, in fact i suspect Peps continued refusal to renew his contract has something to do with Luis Enrique possibly being lined up to take over from him, this frailties and lack of cohesiveness may work to our advantage ,because they are a team primarily built on teamwork,indeed it was the first time they lost to Real at Nou camp after a number of years.something that might make the die-hard catalunya fan chant “sack pep”
      Judging from what i saw during our first leg match and el classico,  Xavi was clearly unhappy at being substituted, he went sat on his own and released an enormous amount of tension on the innocent plastic bottles, all this was done in Pep Guardiolas presence, then of late Pique and Guardiola dont see eye to eye because of several displinary issues some relating to his partying lifestyle and Shakira.Messi also looked visibly angry  through out the  match perhaps it had something to do with Peps squad selection which may have influenced service offered to him.
      Guardiola has a history of not being able to handle big egos like Zlatan Henry Ronaldinho Deco Et`o etc. Its apparent this current lot has won alot and super egos are filling their heads, they are no longer the obedient school boys who don’t question .Barcelona may have climaxed and certainly they are on a downward trend, or maybe Guardiola is intelligent enough to have realized he can not replicate his previous “winning ways”.
     Having played at the nou camp and with vast amounts of experience from Terry,Cole, Lampard Cech and Drogba we should know what to expect and put the last nail in the superfavourites coffin, its this very time that Barcelona look fragile there is no depth in the Tellos and Thiagos and i dont want a spanish soap opera with some diving festive for a final. Go Chelsea.

  13. WorkingClassPost

    Was talking to an Arsefan later that night who was raving about young Bertrand – apparently Walcott injured himself trying to extricate himself from RB’s pocket.

    When I pointed out that this was very much a make-shift team, his jaw visibly dropped, and to be fair, apart from the few minutes before HT, we were so comfortable and in control, that they must’ve thought we were playing our strongest side.

    No need to dwell on the poor passing up front, everyone and their aunt could see that with a bit of care we could’ve bagged a hatfull of goals.

    So we’re all set for tomorrow, and 0-0 at the home of the superdelusional is probably fairly good preparation for a trip to the home of the superfavs.

    • NorthernVA

      VDS comments are more in his own self-interest rather than anything to having to do with any English football rivalry. Sounds like he is kneeling before the altar of Cruyff. Not a bad move if you want a gig worth significance within Ajax or the Dutch national team. Lucky for us we have no need to get on our knees. Leave that for those who pee sitting down.

  14. bluebayou

    Continuing my look at KO times and results here’s more, with the original corrected numbers to start with:
    Early kick-offs.
    Chelsea have played 8 games kicking off before 2.00pm, nearly 25% of their EPL games so far.
    Chelsea have won just 2 of them, drawn 5 and lost 1.
    Chelsea have failed to score in 4 of those games but also didn’t concede in the same games making them 0-0 draws, quite interestingly.
    Four of the games were local derbies. 5 were away games and 3 home games.
    Late starts.
    Chelsea have played 12 games with a start time of 4.00pm or later, 5 at home and 7 away.
    They have won 3, drawn 5 and lost 4.
    Three of the games were derbies, the one with QPR a defeat and the others draws.
    The other defeats were at home to Liverpool and away to the 2 Manchester clubs.
    They have failed to score in only one evening KO, the QPR game.
    The fish and chip proper English three o’clock on a Saturday afternoon kick off.
    Chelsea have played 14 games at the proper god anointed hour, 8 home and 6 away.
    They have won 11 and lost 3. They have yet to draw a 3 o’ clocker.
    Of the 3 defeats, one was at home, to Villa and two away, to Everton and WBA, roughly co-inciding with the evening of AVB’s reign. The Everton and WBA games were the only ones where Chelsea failed to score.
    So of 34 games played, 8 have been early, 12 late and 14 at 3 in the afternoon. Chelsea have 2 more evening games, one early and one 3 o’ clock, which is on a Sunday.  Three of the games are home and one (Liverpool – evening) away.
    Now, the main factor that hasn’t been considered is the relative quality of opposition and if the game is a local derby.  Some weightings would need to be applied to get a true picture of whether Chelsea suffer from still being in their mental pyjamas or not.
    If I have time I will try and do this., but will continue with a simplistic look (as if there could be any other view from you I hear everyone cry).
    So far of 34 games played Chelsea have won 16 (46%) drawn 10 (30%) and lost 8 (24%).
    In early kick offs they have a win percentage of 25%, draws 63% and defeats 12%.
    In late kick offs the figures are 25%, 42% and 33%.
    For proper football it’s 78%, 0% and 21%
    As I say, the relative strength of opposition has to be accounted for but interestingly Chelsea have scored 27 in 14 three o’clocks (nearly 2 per game), 17 in 12 evening games (nearly 1.5 per game) and 12 in 8 early games, which seems consistent. But in the early birds, 5 of the 12 were against Bolton, so that’s 7 in the other 7 games (averaging 1 per game). But it’s worth noting that 3 games accounted for 11 of the goals.
    In terms of defending, Chelsea conceded 18 in 12 late games, 14 in proper afternoon games and only 7 in early games. Five of those were in one game against Arsenal.
    So whatever about the relevant strength of opposition, there is some evidence that both Chelsea and their opponents are in mental PJ’s and slippers for these early games, particularly when you consider half the games ended 0-0.
    Late games are a problem in terms of defeats and defending, which bears a little investigation but I’m not convinced it is necessarily all to do with the quality of the opposition. With early kick-offs, we’ve played both Arsenal games, a Spurs game and a Newcastle game making that 4 out of 8 against top 6 opposition and throw in a home derby against Fulham (the Wenger theory of London Derbies) to make it just over half the games being “difficult”.  
    In late kick offs we’ve played both Manchester clubs exclusively in late ones, plus a Spurs game to make it 5 out of 12 against the top 6, though 4 of those have been against the top 2. Throw in a couple of West London derby games, and that’s 7.
    So maybe it’s because we’re playing those immediately around us and not the top 2 that makes a difference to early kick off results?ut of 12 in the “difficult” pile.
    It goes without saying that no 3 o’clocker was against a top 6 side or a derby game.
    Should I receive funding I will dig deeper and compare with other seasons to see if this season is an anomaly or there is a pattern. Obviously results have been better in other seasons but perhaps the number of draws and goalscoring/conceding might yield a point or two of interest.
    And if we’re talking points I’ll have a Guinness.
    This is obviously extremely tedious but helps lower the blood pressure and stops you thinking about Barcelona for 30 seconds.

    • mark_25

      Interesting analysis.  Lots of fans don’t like early starts so I guess it’s possible players don’t like them either.  What we need to do is time shift their clocks by keeping them in a hotel and artificially adjusting the outside lighting to make them believe they’re playing at 3pm rather than the actual 12:45pm.  I know this is feasible because the same trick was performed in an episode of Jonathan Creek.

      • bluebayou

         It would be very feasible were the whole thing not based on the acting of a well known gooner, which immediately renders it suspect.

    • Blueboydave

      I think you could have a future deputising for some of our stats-obsessed transatlantic cousins over on WeAintGotNoHistory 🙂

      • bluebayou

         August company indeed, I’m honoured. Although I think some of them might vaguely understand proper statistical practice, where as I’m flummoxed by basic arithmatic. I know this because while helping my 8 year old with his homework is easy at the moment, I can feel the ol’ brain tightening like a dodgy hamstring. In a couple of years I can see it pinging like a guitar string.

  15. WorkingClassPost

    Just returned from the Podding Shed, lots of good stuff, as usual.

    Interesting points about what proper football looks like. I think Tony made a boxing analogy, and that is a sport where nobody would presume to say what constitutes the ‘right’ style. In fact, it’s hard to think of any sport where everyone is expected to play in the same manner.

    From tennis to snooker or even darts, people play to their individual strengths, and doing it well is what matters and makes for good competition.

    Some play with finesse and others go for power, some are quick, while there are those who wear opponents down and intimidate them.

    It’s these differences that punters pay to see, and the media crap about the beautiful game really misses the point that it’s those instant, game-changing flashes of skill, exemplified by DD’s last two goals, that are what we want to see.

    And why aren’t all the stato’s now asking how our team, that have barely played together, had equal shares of possession etc. at the second home of tippy tap?

  16. GrocerJack

    Not much too say. Except more film quotes………..

    Naysayers: ‘This could be the greatest disaster in Chelsea’s history’

    Diehards:  ‘ With all due respect we believe this is going to be our finest hour’ 

    Apologies to Ron Howard……….

    • NorthernVA

      Another movie quote….

      Bricktop: “Do you know what nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution manifested by an appropriate agent. Personified in this case by an ‘orrible cunt…me.”

      Gracias Guy Ritchie. The memories of 2009 run deep.

  17. Cunningplan

    Just thought I would cut and paste this comment form that TWAT Alan Green from the BBC sportsday breaking news section,,,,,
    BBC Radio 5 live commentator Alan Green on Barcelona v
    Chelsea: “They [Chelsea] have to score. It’s highly unlikely that another
    Chelsea parking the bus will keep Barca out because it’s a much bigger pitch for
    them to operate their triangle of passes. Chelsea still have it stacked against
    them but if they win I want to leave the Nou Camp feeling they deserved it – I
    didn’t feel I left Stamford Bridge feeling that. It was a rank injustice.”

    And just on this myth that their pitch is twice the size of any other club on the planet, yawn… it’s a metre wider and two meters longer

    • Blueboydave

      I keep reading about how huge Old Trafford /Nou Camp pitch is compared to our titchy little Stamford Bridge which needs to get exemption from UEFA minimum size regs. etc.

      Perhaps I’m getting a bit anal in my dotage but I’ve taken to looking out for where the 10-yard marker from the corner flag is in relation to the edge of the penalty box on TV to gauge how much wider other pitches are compared to ours and have spotted pretty minimal differences so far including the two mentioned above.

      Thanks for confirming my eyesight wasn’t misleading me about the width of Nou Camp. 

      There again, 18 inches at either side could be crucial in some situations…..

      • Blue_MikeL

        Nou Camp filed dimensions:  105 × 68 m (115 × 74 yd).
        ST filed dimensions:               103 x 67 metres (112.6 x 73.3 yards) 
        Some people can be hard to please so every inch matters for them. 

      • mark_25

        I’m going to watch it on my laptop instead of my 46″ LCD so the space between players will be considerably reduced.

      • bluebayou

        Working off Blue Mikel’s numbers the increased area is 239 sq m. Don’t know how much that’s worth as agricultural land but it would be a nice pied a terre in Mayfair.

        Each outfield player has an extra 29 sq m to close down if you like

  18. Gleb

    This is such a big game I’m starting to believe in crazy stuff. Like I watched the first leg on my laptop, and we won. Now I’m planning to go to a proper pub (proper TV, HD and all) to watch the second leg. It’s gonna be 4 am in Tokyo. Should I?

    • bluebayou

      We’ll try not to lay all the blame at your door, but it’s really down to whether you can live with yourself.

      • Gleb

        Well, I guess for me the pub works just as well. I was the only Chelsea-supporting soul there so it was double pleasure.

        We’ve won, but still… A red card, a penalty – all the classic attributes. Doesn’t even matter if JT and Drogba deserved it or not, it still always happens. “Why always me?”, eh…

        We’re without Meireles (who can’t pass at all, but did the job defensively), our hero Ramires (though don’t forget Lamps’ assist for the goal), JT, potential injuries… Wow. I guess I’ll have to watch tomorrow’s match just to know what to expect.

        But really, I’d like to be a wuss for a second and say that I’m all alone here on the edge of the world, with 4 am kick-offs, no one I know, and all I have is Chelsea. And I’m the happiest man alive now. That was just plain marvelous. Congrats you all!! Di Matteo for the job!!!!

        P.S. However… I know it sounds like blasphemy now, but why didn’t RDM change anything at half-time? We could have used someone more defensive-minded like Essien (could he even play?). And taking off Drogs seemed like a bad idea due to his defensive qualities. Torres can’t defend. Glad he scored, but really… Was it RDM or the players that won us the match?


  19. Agh57

    I’m going through the same levels of superstitious doubt. All Champions League games in 2012 for me have been beer free. I have only had water or a cup of tea. I have decided to have beers tonight and now am in 2 minds!

  20. bluebayou

    Another way to view it is that if the boys gave 110% at the bridge then 114% should do the trick.

    • NorthernVA

      Mark, I think Martin Samuel owes you some cash. His article prior to the game summed up much of your thesis on the Podding Shed. Well said chief. Also I think you may be the first one to bring forward the Cesc effect on winning trophies. Great work! 

  21. Cunningplan

    My pulse rate is 175 at the moment, but FUCK ME I can now die happy,
    What a game what a result what a goal from Ramires I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!

  22. Trueblue

    Come on Chelsea!! 

    Gladiators … amazing performance and Torres … all is forgiven!! 

    Fucking you love you all, my hero’s!!!

    And fuck you Barca … fuck you in your ugly cheating faces, your a disgrace and I skull fuck you again. 

  23. Cunningplan

    And just a quick note to have a little go at all the people on this site who have knocked Lamps… hang you heads in shame he was immense tonight.

    • NorthernVA

      Amen CP. The Old Guard haters should hold their tongue. Nothing but winners and consummate professionals throughout the lot of them. Regardless of what happens in Munich they have showed their character. Not a coward in the lot of them Mr. Alves. Meireles, Branna, and Rami showed  what it is to sacrifice for the greater good. People may have a go at Terry but we are not where we are without his performances. 

      For all the hate on the technical ability of Lampard it was two of his passes which defined this tie. He outclassed Xavi. Cesc should lay his head to rest knowing why he won fuckall at Arsenal. That moment when he tried to give Frank the ole reach around was rather telling. Lampard “is” one the greats while Fabregas is “talked” of as one of the greats. Roman please re-think your strategy. These men are champions and can help usher in the next breed of champions. Kudos to Fernando for that goal. I singled him out because I wrote a scurrilous attack on him months back. He hasn’t lived up to the hype or the fee but when he buried that shot I finally said welcome to the party. He enabled me to go on the biggest in your face tirade history at the bar this afternoon. For that I am forever thankful. 

      Belief CP is a beautiful thing. Again thanks for the optimism back during the dog days of December.   Thanks to Robbie and Eddie for giving us our Chelsea back. A group of players we are willing sacrifice for one another and who don’t know how to be beaten. Cheers fellas. I’m going back to bar tonight.

  24. Ryan

    Alan Green is fucking shameless. His comment on tonight… “Messi. Did he look tired to you?” Total cunt.

    If you’re wondering, yes I’m in shock.

    • WorkingClassPost

      I was just wondering who was on duty tonight.

      Thought I’d give an assist, but can’t find www,SuperlativesforChelsea,com so you’ll just have to find your own words.

      • NorthernVA

        No words really for this mate. Good luck Tony. All I got is tears of joy and random screams of “Chelsea” followed up with Jersey Shore style fist pumps. Also massive FU’s to UEFA, Platini, Barcelona, the English media bar Martin Samuel, Ronald Koeman, Edwin Vander Sar, Wayne Rooney, Puyol, Pep, Alex Sanchez, the FA, Premier League, and the majority of English football who wished for our downfall. If I missed anyone all I can say in the words of Diego Armando Marardona is, “Suck It.” That is especially  reserved for the C*NT Dani Alves. How’s that humble pie you f*cking prick!

    • Cunningplan

      Well Tony I expect copious ammounts of references to Rorke’s Drift, because it calls for it, fill your boots son, fill your boots!

  25. beermoth

    Our name is on the trophy and there’s absolutely nothing anyone can do about it.

    Can’t wait for The Podding Shed!

  26. eismcsquare

    It’s the world against Chelsea. And I have, after going through this for last five years, started enjoying this.

    It’s funny how EVERYBODY had bloody written us of. How Barca were ‘going to rip Chelsea apart’. And they still can’t win even after Platini’s orders, a red card, and a penalty.

    Fuck Platini, Fuck Beebs, Fuck Guardian, Fuck media, Fuck the pundits, Fuck Messi and above all, Fuck the entire Barceloa team.

    Blue is the colour. Simple.

  27. GrocerJack

    Report filed. if you haven’t heard this, then please I urge you to check the brilliance and spontaneity of Gary Neville, fast becoming my favourite Sky co-commentator/pundit.

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