Has Pep Guardiola Rejected Chelsea?

Pep Guardiola

It’s no secret that Hiddink most likely won’t last beyond this summer. He’s doing Roman a favour and stepping in until Mr Right is available. If he wins anything in the meantime then it’s a bonus a obviously a massive boost to his reputation given the sorry state that he’s inherited the club in.

Either way, the man that most Chelsea fans are secretly praying will take over is Pep Guardiola.

He spoke to Karl-Heinz Rumenigge at the Bayern Munich Christmas party to let him know he’d be moving on at the end of his contract and allegedly disclosed his destination in the same conversation.

Rumenigge has since said that it’s Guardiola’s news to break and as such he wouldn’t be announcing anything other than that Pep would leave at the end of the season.

So whether any of this speculation even worthwhile is another matter. The likelihood is that Guardiola has already agreed and possibly signed a deal with an English club.

In the past couple of days Guardiola confirmed he wanted to manage in England.

Chief Football writer at the Daily Mirror, John Cross, believes Man City will be his choice after they signed up two former Barca executives who are close to Guardiola.

Meanwhile other news reports suggest Pep has already rejected an offer from Chelsea.

In any case, it doesn’t look as though Guardiola will be gracing the Bridge any time soon (if ever).

So if not Pep, then who? The plot thickens.