Hiddink Says Chelsea are in a Relegation Battle

Guus Hiddink


I genuinely don’t think anyone’s taking him too seriously here. But that’s what Guus has said.

Truth be told, I don’t think anyone underestimates the seriousness of the situation we’re in. How it happened, why it happened is not all too relevant right now.

The important thing is getting the team, the players, the club out of this hole we’re in.

Under Hiddink we’re moving in the right direction without a doubt. Things have improved and are improving slowly but surely.

And Hiddink is unbeaten as Chelsea manager this time round too.

So with all due respect, I don’t think he needs to warn the fans about getting ahead of ourselves. Unless this statement was more meant for himself and his players of course:

“We all like to look up to the top of the table but don’t be unrealistic when you’re six points off the relegation line. That’s also a fact” said the Chelsea manager in his pre-match conference ahead of Saturday’s home tie against Everton.

“We must work hard and be very concentrated and step up. That’s why it was a pity about the 86th minute equaliser we conceded against West Brom”.

We’re reigning champions and we’re currently 14th in the league after 21 games.

We’re only 6 points off 18th placed Sunderland. (This could be what’s bothering Guus).

We’ve drawn 3 of our last 6, so the unbeaten run isn’t as good as it might be.

And yes, we haven’t done enough yet to lift us out of the lower half of the Premier League table.

But we understand that it’s a process and these things take time. Naturally there will be frustration drawing against West Brom at home but that would happen regardless of our league position.

A home win against Everton would be a significant step forward.

Everton currently sit 11th in the league and we’re 4 points from catching them. So yes Guus, we are looking up. Just not too far.

So while I’m not denying Hiddink’s comments, a win against Everton would see us continue on a positive journey. And dare we whisper it, a top half finish.