Early Prediction: Chelsea’s Chances in the 2024/25 Premier League


The dust is settling on this year’s Premier League season, and Blues fans are both satisfied and, have a right to feel, a little unsettled.

Many Chelsea supporters were hoping for something more than a 6th place finish. And let’s not mention retaining Poch.

Chelsea’s Prospects

Chelsea may not have performed particularly well this year, but they also did not underperform either. The club ranked sixth, and still placed higher than some notable Premier League teams, like Newcastle, West Ham, Crystal Palace, and of course, Manchester United. Anyone involved with Premier League betting is already aware that many of these clubs are often considered favorites to win a match, or even place high in the League. 

With that in mind, what are Chelsea’s future prospects? Is it possible that the Blues could win the League come next year? The truth is that it is very unlikely that Chelsea is going to be taking first place next year. Their last victory in the Premier League came in 2017, seven years ago now. For the next few years, the Blues did manage to place quite high, but they’ve not won a title since. What is worse, last year, Chelsea was placed in the bottom ten, in 12th. One of their worst rankings in recent history.

What is in Chelsea’s Favour?

Though many doubt Chelsea’s future prospects, there are some who are still hopeful that the Blues are going to come back strong. Among them, many are placing their hopes on some of the great Chelsea players, who hold the club’s future in their hands. Among them, the most celebrated is without a doubt, Cole Palmer.

Palmer is a midfielder, or winger, who many consider to be one of Europe’s great young players. He has won several awards and honors, including the Premier League Young Player of the Year award and the Player of the Season award. Palmer also plays for the England national team, and is considered one of the best English players today.

Could we see the emergence of more young talent under new management? It’s possible but unlikely given the amount spent on bringing other players to the club. One homegrown young player is Leo Castledine, who just recently graduated from the Chelsea academy, and seems to have a bright future in the midfield. Whether he, like Gilchrist, will get a chance is anyone’s guess but a combination of youth and experience seems to be the path for developing and maintaining a healthy squad.

Too Early to Call

Whether Chelsea manages to soar to the top of the Premier League next year, we can’t say. We know there is a lot of building to be done and with the imminent arrival of Maresca, all predictions seem to be out of the window.

 The 23/24 season has only just concluded, and we have some breathing room to see what happens during the summer with a new manager – and likely some new players. In truth, it is far too early to tell who is going to be the favorite to win the 2024/25 Premier League but Chelsea would be a long shot in anyone’s book.