Dramatic Headlines Just Another Day in the Office for Jose

Jose Mourinho Chelsea

Mourinho Doesn’t Have It Quite Right
Football wouldn’t be football without a few fans calling for Jose’s head two games into the new season. The rumour mill, as hard at work as ever, apparently now has Mourinho at short odds to be the first Premier League manager to be sacked this season.

Throw in a couple of controversial storylines, Eva Carneiro (I honestly didn’t want to give that story any more airtime but it was unavoidable!) and John Terry’s substitution at City and all of a sudden the place is in chaos.

You’re telling me the same place that only 14 days ago was an impenetrable fortress ready for a strong title defence is now almost reduced to rubble. Personally I find it laughable.

I agree, Mourinho hasn’t got it quite right just yet and I’m sure he knows that himself. Yes, we’ve lost ground on early pace-setters City but there is a long way to go just yet and plenty more (real) controversies to light up the back pages of the British tabloids.

Knowing Jose, he’ll be working tirelessly to fix the early season issues that even he didn’t foresee two weeks ago – he more so than anyone doesn’t like losing.

A Marathon That Started Last Week
The defeat to Man City was more of a mental defeat for the players than necessarily all about the 3 points which means Jose’s ability to put that into perspective is key and always has been, particularly since he returned to the club.

However being able to articulate this to his players and for them to believe him wholeheartedly is where the real skill lies and is a small part of what makes him one of the best managers in the sporting world.

His post match comments instantly took the pressure off his men, regardless of what was said in the dressing room:

“It is an eternity, a marathon that started last week. I cannot say [this match] is not crucial, I cannot say it’s not very, very, very important. They are title contenders so three points are important but I cannot say that a win will mean anything significant.”

So turn a blind eye to the headlines designed to sell newspapers and get more clicks, I urge Chelsea fans to focus on the bigger picture because Mourinho will get it right.