Chelsea 3-0 Stoke City – Sterner Challenges Await

It was hardly a contest, more of a mismatch. We controlled proceedings with ease and cruised to a crucial victory which restored the Blues to the Premier League summit. Petr Cech was deprived of a save to make for 90 minutes. Sterner challenges await, for Cech too, but it was still a gratifying victory, crowned with goals from Mohamed Salah, Frank Lampard and a beauty from Willian.

Match report

We began with purpose. Willian, who was highly effective in the central role, attempted a through-ball into Fernando Torres but the Spaniard was unable to reach the ball. Torres drove just wide, Salah’s tame effort was easily thwarted by Asmir Begovic before the Bosnian keeper acrobatically pushed away Willian’s strike.

Mourinho had seemingly, and successfully, galvanised his players with his public criticism of them. At times, they were rushing a few passes but our lively start was a welcome boost after two damaging, error-prone, defeats.

Stoke were successfully absorbing our pressure, Begovic in particular. He gathered Lampard’s low effort before calling upon his reactive instincts to stifle Torres’s close-range effort after Erik Pieters’s lazy attempt at a chest back. Stoke held firm for half-an-hour but their resistance was broken two minutes later.

After repeated efforts at breaking down an organised Stoke defence through expansive play, it was clear we would have to force proceedings – and that’s exactly what Nemanja Matic did. The Serb drove down the right flank, strongly holding off the challenge of Geoff Cameron, and pulled-back superbly for Salah, with the aid of Begovic’s right leg, to drive home our opener. The relief around Stamford Bridge was palpable.

The Egyptian was enjoying an excellent full debut, given the nod after five substitute appearances since his January move from Basel. The 21 year-old was again through on goal minutes later but only for his touch to fail him at the critical moment.

Stoke were lacking ambition and full of unnecessary caution, given their comfortable position in the league table and the current score-line. Branislav Ivanovic guided his header beyond Begovic but was correctly adjudged offside on the stroke of half-time by the eagle-eyed linesman – Southampton would have fully appreciated his services earlier in the day (Silva offside).

Andre Schurrle, after constantly troubling Cameron, departed after 58 minutes – as he did in Paris – to a warm round of applause as the home support duly appreciated his outstanding work ethic and welcomed the arrival of Eden Hazard. Schurrle may have been subject to criticism on Wednesday, but he is a winger and not a number 9 striker as he proved at Old Trafford and in mid-week.

Hazard’s impact was instant. As Salah skipped past half-hearted challenges, he stroked the ball into Hazard who repaid him with a beautifully-weighted back-heel. Salah was on his toes and dabbed at the ball before Andy Wilkinson ploughed into him, rightfully conceding a penalty. Lampard’s poor spot-kick was thwarted but the England midfielder would not be denied his 250th club goal and his 211th for Chelsea as he reacted first to fire the ball into the net.

Salah was again involved in a goal, but Willian assumed the most significant role. Salah rolled the ball into his Brazilian colleague, who delivered a fantastic curling effort beyond the despairing reach of Begovic and nestling in the net. 3-0.

There was even a late appearance for the heavily-bearded Ashley Cole, brought in on the left flank at Willian’s expense. The sight of the full-back roaming down the left again in Chelsea blue was delightful, but Azpilicueta proved yet again his worth for the left-back role, performing excellently.

Man of the Match – Willian

Willian excelled on an afternoon in which he rightly received the Man of the Match award. He played in the centre of the attacking three behind Torres, a role unfamiliar to him but he delivered emphatically.

He was energetic throughout, driving the side forward, sparking offensive passages of play. His brilliant goal capped off a good afternoon for the 25 year-old.

Salah impresses on full debut

Salah was not the only architect in this victory but played a pivotal role, beaten to the Man of the Match award by the terrific Willian but yet, he was worthy of such a compliment.

His goal was only one element of an impressive individual display. He wreaked havoc in the Stoke defence, earning a penalty and assisting Willian for his goal. He was a constant threat with his forays into the box as he put his pace to effective use.

He, along with others, staked a claim for a starting place against Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday evening.

Main man Matic

In Paris we felt the full force of Matic’s ineligibility, lacking any composure in central midfield.

His performance was, as usual, assured. He crafted Salah’s goal and was generally a reliable guard in front of our solid back-four.

He will inevitably be missed again on Tuesday.


Chelsea (4-2-3-1): Cech 6; Ivanovic 6, Cahill 7, Terry 6, Azpilicueta 6; Matic 7, Lampard 6 (Luiz 70); Salah 7, Willian 8 (Cole 78), Schurrle 6 (Hazard 59); Torres 5.

Subs: Oscar, Ba, Schwarzer, Kalas.

Stoke (4-2-3-1): Begovic 6, Pieters 5, Wilson 4, Shawcross 6, Cameron 4 (Wilkinson 45); Whelan 5, Palacios 4 (Adam 45); Arnautovic 5, Nzonzi 5, Odemwingie 3; Crouch 4 (Walters 78).

Subs: Munesia, Guidetti, Etherington, Sorenson.

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    • Ahmed Osoble

      Thanks mate, appreciated.

      Yes, agree that Salah was terrific yesterday. I dare to say he looked like Mata with his intricate left-foot touches out on the right wing.

      • Blue_MikeL

        I personally wouldn’t be comparing them. Mata was never a fast player, while Salah seems to be the one.

        • Ahmed Osoble

          I wouldn’t say they are similar players, but they way in which they both dap intricately at the ball with the left foot surely is similar.
          Shame Salah can’t play tonight.

          • Ahmed Osoble

            Inevitably, Matic in particular. We have players who can fill in for Salah and do the job but we missed Matic badly in the first-leg. He also calms down Luiz, I’ve noticed.

          • Blue_MikeL

            What a great believe and great win! It is probably interesting why did we keep Demba out of sight for almost the whole season. I know the answer of course and it is our own Justin Biber (Torres) with shirt value which deteriorates, if we don’t play him….

          • Ahmed Osoble

            Exactly. ITV asked Ba after the game how he felt about scoring despite criticism and he pointed out that he hasn’t been given opportunities this season – only the cameo subs apps that he’s taken advantage of – two v Spurs etc

          • Blue_MikeL

            Yes I have seen this interview. Ba was very emotional and even shed some tears and that just show how important it was for him. The self inflicted damage we had to absorb from buying Torres is very big.

    • OsgoodWasGood

      Is it just me or is Salah bloody quick on and off the ball ? He seems to start a yard in front of folks.

      • Ahmed Osoble

        No, it’s not just you mate. He’s got a destructive left foot and excellent pace – Used it v us playing for Basel.

        • Blue_MikeL

          Yes, he was tormenting us while playing for Basel and scoring on each occasion. With right development he has got future!

  1. limetreebower



    Well deserved. After all the noises Lolo Blanc made about coming to attack and play their normal games, PSG spent 86 minutes knocking the ball around trying to run the clock down. I don’t think they can complain much.

  2. Dezmundo

    As a seasoned lurker, I feel somewhat entitled to say thank you, Ahmed. Thank you for keeping this blog going.
    I always have considered myself as the type that would be there in times of need, but thankfully, you got there first.
    This blog is one of my daily homepages and I consider myself a loyal fan. Although born and raised in London (and still feel like a Londoner, but of the Clash era ilk) I live in Beirut, Lebanon. My last 2 games were Napoli at the Bridge and the Super Cup in Prague….don’t know how that positions me as a fan, plastic or not.
    I also download the podcast as it becomes available and listen to it, despite production values, and cheer or boo (whatever is appropriate) into my headphones.
    This blog is great and caters to all personalities, defective or not. I think it would be a good idea to make a date for all of us to meet and exchange ideas and insults and such.

    Maybe a once a year thing where it is well advertised in advance….we could all meet up, if possible, for a meal and a few drinks before a game…and then afterwards compare notes or not…..

    I must warn you all that I am writing this in the warm afterglow of the PSG game, but having been at the Bridge for the Napoli game (and responsible for the ejection of 2 Napoli fans from the West Upper, thank you), I consider myself a veteran of this campagun. Or campaign, for the pedants.

    Again, thank you Ahmed.

    PS. How about that, Paris?

    • Der_Kaiser

      Despite production values?

      The hamster who powers the recording equipment will be most unhappy to hear such an outrageous slur on his efforts…

    • GrocerJack

      “Despite production values?

      The hamster who powers the recording equipment will be most unhappy to hear such an outrageous slur on his efforts”

      Not least the slur on my regularly cleaned baked bean tins and string!!!!

  3. Mike12

    That was massive. The thing I’m happiest about is the calculated risk taking that Jose seems to be okay with. It’s not the like-do-like substitutions that Rafa would make, and they’re not crazy moves that lack structure, and end up hurting more than helping us. We ended up playing with 3 strikers, and still managed to retain some balance. We brought a striker on at 66 minutes, and attempted to make the required shift to more attacking football before it was too late to do so.

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