Arsenal v Chelsea Match Preview


Once again on Sunday we head to our old North London foes, Arsenal and Arsene Wenger.

Of recent times this has been a happy hunting ground for Chelsea but given our recent form, a win would be more welcome than ever.

Conte, for the first time as Chelsea manager will take the team to the Emirates and will be aiming to set his team up to get back on track with a win.

Yes, the midweek win, coming from behind away at champions Leicester is rousing for fans, but this form will need to carried into the league.

I think I spotted an article midweek, by Ruud Gullit, that said we’ve not seen a Conte team yet. And I’m inclined to agree.

Forget this nonsense about not buying ‘Conte style players’ (see Luiz if you don’t know what I’m talking about). Conte gave the green light at some point to re-sign him.

He’s a technical centre half and if you look closely at his distribution in the last couple of games, it’s not too dissimilar to what Bonucci successfully did at the Euros.

Not that he’s defending like Bonucci just yet, but Luiz is a ball player and there are definite similarities in certain patterns of play.

But Conte is working with his team. He’s not in Italy anymore, the players are born and bred in a million different styles as most players are from completely different parts of the planet.

In Italy, he would work with predominantly Italian players in an Italian style. Here he is merging and working with what he’s got.

These things don’t happen overnight.

But while we wait, we also want results and against Arsenal more so than most.

Arsenal will be playing on the back of a convincing League Cup victory over Nottingham Forest but if anyone is carrying momentum from midweek, it is likely us.

A come-from-behind win is ever so satisfying. Almost as satisfying as seeing Diego Costa in the mood for a battle.

Luckily we saw both against Leicester and he needs to find that place in his head for the game against Arsenal.

He’s done it before, playing the villain as Gabriel was sent off at the Bridge and leading the team to a solid win last season.

The one big question is whether Fabregas gets his chance after performing against Leicester and contributing with two goals that I actually doubted he had in him.

I genuinely hope we go to the Emirates to play football and beat Arsenal, it’s what the team and the fans need right now and I’ll certainly be tuning in on Sunday to see if that’s how it pans out.

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