The Conte Rumours Persist, But Do They Have Substance?


Another day, another press conference.

Some news is new, some news just won’t go away – which in this case I’m not sure whether it’s something to be worried about or whether the media are being more persistent and annoying than usual.

You see news normally blows over and there’s a new topic the next week. Fish and chip wrapper and all that. And when news won’t go away usually there is something to it. It builds and builds and comes to a point where action needs to be taken.

In this case I’m talking about Antonio Conte and the rumours that he will be leaving the club at the end of the season – either being forced out or leaving of his own accord.

Firstly, this is so disruptive for the club no matter how much Conte denies and tries to protect the players.

He’s an influential guy and besides, the players I’m sure will believe a lot of what they read in the press, regardless of whether there has been false stories printed about them in the past.

Normally I would rush past these stories about Conte but they’ve been rumbling on for months.

Maybe it’s a personal thing and I don’t want to believe them but there must be some substance to them if they persist. Why won’t Conte’s denial after denial be accepted by the journalists?

I guess January could be the make or break period for Conte. Will he be backed by the board and Roman financially? Will he get the signal of intent that maybe he’s looking for? For sure he needs something to be able to compete with the ability and financial clout of Man City.

In better news it looks as though Hazard and Courtois are on the verge of signing new deals. This is very good news.

Eden Hazard

Both players are essential to our progression, attraction and style of play.

“Yes, I think Thibaut first. Then I will sign.” Hazard apparently told Mirror Football.

Surely this will add weight to the case to keep Conte on board.

January is still young in terms of the transfer window so there’s time to make things happen, I for one will hope that Roman will dig deep to show that we mean business in this league and in Europe.