Bates reports Chelsea to FA, Premier League, FIFA

Former Chelsea chairman Ken Bates has carried out his threat and reported Chelsea to the Football Association over three alleged illegal approaches for Leeds United academy players – and claims he will also be making an official complaint to the Premier League, FIFA, UEFA and the Football League.

Bates, now chairman at Elland Road, claims Chelsea signed youngsters Michael Woods and Tom Taiwo after making illegal approaches – and failed in their attempt to sign Danny Rose, who chose to remain with United.

“There is a dispute about, in our opinion, the blatant breach of the Football League rules,” said Bates.

But the FA said they have not yet received an official complaint from Leeds.

A spokesman said: “We have had communication from Leeds United on this subject but as yet no formal complaint.

“If this was received, we would give it due consideration.”

Any official complaint would come under the FA’s jurisdiction – rather than the Premier League or Football League – because the two clubs are not in the same division.