Featured links for 1st August: Drogba goals, 20 best England defenders

A few more links that you might enjoy:

  • Brondby 0 – 2 Chelsea – Didier Drogba scored twice in what was another unconvincing, tame pre-season game. The first half was dreadful. The majority of the second half wasn’t much better. The final 20-25 minutes Chelsea improved and Drogba struck twice, first rising above the Brondby goalkeeper to head in a Glen Johnson cross from the right, then powering a shot past the Danish side’s substitute keeper after playing a one-two with Claudio Pizarro. Positives I can recall aside from Drogba: Pizarro gives the impression that he will settle in the Premiership a lot quicker than Andriy Shevchenko (who arguably still hasn’t found his feet); and Joe Cole looked sharper. Still, I can’t imagine Manchester United are quaking in their boots at the prospect of playing Chelsea in the Charity Shield at Wembley on Sunday.
  • The best 20 England defenders – The Daily Telegraph’s David Miller picks his 20 best England defenders. John Terry makes it into the list at number 12. “Terry is of that stopper-brand, they-shall-not-pass, occupied by Billy Wright, Maurice Norman, Jack Charlton, Brian Labone, Norman Hunter and Dave Watson. Though not unskilled, and a formidable header of the ball in the opposition’s penalty area, Terry lacks, in my opinion, the all-round ability to place him in the top 10.”
  • Devout followers of managerial cult – An article in the Times newspaper about the cult of fantasy football. “Player lets you down? Sell the bastard, bring in another, selected by means of your managerial gut instinct. You have all the power in the world: until, of course, you start to lose.” (If you fancy joining the Chelsea Blog League on the official Chelsea FC Fantasy Football website, the code to join is 2451-185. I’ll add a post with more details in the next couple of days.)
  • Switch on to the new era of televised football – The Telegraph explains all the options available to UK TV viewers ahead of the new season.
  • How to blag being a Chelsea fan – Are you an undercover Sun reporter? Is your name Donal McIntyre? Did you used to support Manchester United but now want to support the Blues as, after all, they are your local team? Are you ignorant of anything about Chelsea before 2002? The Left Back comes to your rescue with a rough guide of what to say so you don’t look like a complete ponce at games or in the boozer. “Remember when we had to play in Coventry’s kit cos we forgot ours a few seasons back? Yeah, and we lost too and sang, “We’re shit, cos we’re in your kit”.” If you have time read the “Chelsea and Me” section too. It’s a great review of life as a Chelsea fan since February 1987.