Courtois’ Timely Boost For The Blues

Thibaut Courtois

Thibaut Courtois handed Chelsea a shot in the arm when he tweeted and Instagram-ed of a photo of him in rehab from Monday promising to come back stronger.

The photo, a two part collage, appears to show Thibaut watching his dinner warm up in the microwave while stood in a small swimming pool and then the keeper checking himself out in the mirror while a physio goes to work on his legs. Decide for yourselves!

Unfortunately a return doesn’t seem all too imminent, Courtois himself was quoted last week as saying: “Hopefully I will be back early December. If there are complications, I will work quietly to return. I cannot give a date.”

Either way, we hope Courtois makes a speedy recovery. Partly because Begovic just hasn’t filled anyone with confidence in his performances so far and partly because Courtois is one of the most reliable and consistent keepers in the world at the moment.

We could certainly do with him right about now.