New Chelsea Kit To Be Released July 16th

Chelsea New Kit

Chelsea have been more mysterious than ever with the release of the new kit but at least we now have a date.

Today, a tweet from Chelsea’s official Twitter account announced the release date of July 16th along with a photo of a number of players shrouded in smoke.

Bizarrely the kit is available for pre-order, you’re just unable to see what it is exactly that you’re ordering. For those fans that religiously buy the new kit each year, I’m sure there will be plenty of takers.

The delay has probably caused more rumours than usual but one kit in particular kit has been doing the rounds since it was featured here on Chelsea FC Blog.

You can read the article here: New Chelsea Kit Unveiled in Latest Photos

With just one month until our opening game against Swansea, it’s good to finally know when we’ll be able to set our eyes upon next season’s kit.