The Podding Shed Needs You – Champions League Special!

In this week’s episode of the Podding Shed we will be focussing on the Champions League final.

We want to know how you’re getting there – over land and sea… where you’re watching if you’re going to Munich and don’t have a ticket, where you’re watching if you’re not going, how you’ll prepare for the game (what will you watch, what music will you listen to?), favourite Chelsea European memories, predictions – whatever you’re doing that’s Chelsea related between now and kickoff on Saturday, we want to hear about it.

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Fiftee

    Sky+ is set. But it’s my football teams presentation night (bar, trophy presentation, sit down meal etc.) and – while they offered to replan many of the activities around me being a CFC fan and wanting to watch it – my night will be shit if we don’t win. So it’s a pass from me. Clearly I’ll follow on my phone – as discreetly and quietly as possible – but the way it’s planned suits me.

    Makes me sound like a bit of a ‘non-fan’, but as the eternal pessimist, I am awful at watching Chelsea.

  2. Fiftee

    I can’t actually ‘edit’ that post on my fruit-based-phone. I feel perhaps I should quantify my cowardly statement above.

    I want to watch it. I would if I had no / unexciting plans. But I’ve got my excuse; my way out if you will. I want my Saturday night to pass with me giving it nothing more than passing consideration every now and then. I know that won’t be the case and I fully expect the glee when someone tells me that Rib-Rob has just roasted Bosingwa to make it 4-0.

    We’ve got a chance though. Drogba has his stage set for the Mother of all farewells. Torres looks sharper. It won’t be 0-0, but both defences are weak. There’s hope, man there’s real hope. We can hurt them, but they can us. Each day brings with it a wave of further optimism followed by a sudden ‘Luiz is fit. But he’s still crazy’ wave of pessimism. Like today. Why does RDM care about Malouda’s fitness? No one else does.

    I’m there in spirit. I could never be there financially. But my ticket to the Rupert Murdoch stand in hell means I’ll have that moment indelibly stamped on my mind / PVR. I’ll eat up the data that my phone allows as ninja-like as I can.

    As they say, it’s the hope that kills you…

    • NorthernVA

      “Torres looks sharper.”

      Fiftee are you on the board?  All jokes aside Torres has looked better and I have been advocating for a couple months to play the both of them however I can understand Robbie’s reticence. 

      It will happen at some point on Saturday however the Drog must start. King, Gallas, Skyrtel, Agger, Puyol, Pique, Mascherano would feel insulted if Boateng and Tymoshchuk didn’t at least get the same welcome from Chelsea.

    • Cunningplan

      Do they have tickets, or are they just going as football hooligans?
      And as you know them Tony, can you assign each one of them to the corresponding Thunderbird puppets.

      Virgil and TB2 was always my favourite.

    • Blue_MikeL

      Good luck guys keep us posted with the news. Travelling Chelsea supporter diary should be published here. 

  3. Mikenorton

    Shakespeare’s pub in San Diego, California sells tickets in advance to get a seat for the game and I am lucky enough to have one of the sold out tickets. The number of Chelsea fans that go out to this pub grows every week and the FA Cup final was the first game we all chanted and sang together. Its been great watching our group get bigger and it’s nice to have a place to support 🙂

  4. Blue_MikeL

    Kenny Dalglish is no longer Liverpool manager. After Guardiola, we have helped another manager to go away. What is it this year with Chelsea and managers? 

  5. Agh57

    Will be watching at home. Don’t know what I’ll do before hand, I’m due a trip to the picture framer, but that’s because I have some things that need framing (Depeche Mode – Violator Tour Backstage Pass and an orginal telegram from King George V from Christmas 1915 if you’re interested) and not because of some ridiculous past superstition.

    For the FA Cup I have always hung up a selection of old kits around my lounge. I was going to do this for the Champions League, but have now decided against it for fear of ruining it’s FA Cup magic.

    Rather boringly (the aforementioned trip to the framer’s apart) I will have a usual Saturday and probably avoid all mentions of the blessed thing until sitting down just before kick-off.

    Best of luck to those of you are travelling to Munich and remember you’re not just an ambassador for your school etc.

  6. John D

    Enjoyed a lively 2nd leg v Barca at the 3 Kings in West Kensington (they had a £1 cover charge on the night, but it was still chock-a-block), so am planning to go there on Sat with Mrs John D. Will either be there or another pub near Stamford Bridge. Hopefully we can stagger down to the Bridge and celebrate afterwards.

    I work in Tottenham, so I’ve been giving my best Basil Fawlty-style Hitler moustache and Nazi salutes to my Spurs work colleagues this week. I may add goose-stepping tomorrow and Friday as well.

    I don’t really know what to expect on Saturday – I had written off our chances against Barca in the semi, I was shitting myself before the Spurs FA Cup semi, but I was quietly confident before the FA Cup Final against the scousers.

    All I know is that we are in the Champions League final, and I’ll feel shit if we lose even if I write off our chances – so my attitude is let’s have some bravado and belief, and let’s lap up and enjoy this marvellous position we’re in.


  7. Desmond

    Utterly pointless week at work…can’t get my mind off of Saturday. Next week will mostly be the same – either too hung over to function or too depressed to care. 

    Thanks a fucking lot, Chelsea (but I still love you).

    • John D

      The copies of the London Evening Standard I’ve seen this week have had more column inches about Spurs than us.

      At least today’s copy has realised that a London club is in Saturday’s CL Final, with a couple of proper features (plus the Llama, of course).

      As for  the parade, I still think that the club should wave the FA Cup around from an open-topped bus on Sunday. Whether I’d be sober enough on Sunday to get up and go to an FA Cup only parade would be another matter…  

      PS Regarding my earlier post – I did add a goose-step to my Hitler moustache & nazi salute to a Tottenham fan at work today.

  8. Desmond

    Will be watching at the Greedy Goose here in Beirut where we shall be 3 Chelsea fans and 106 Bayern fans (who, strangely enough, were all Barcelona fans last time…). Hopefully the sound of 3 pairs of hands clapping will be deafening and that there will be no cars driving the streets blaring their horns as happens when any “big” team wins the cup.

  9. Desmond

    Forgot to add that in addition to my not wearing blue boxers for any Chelsea game, I have not worn anything blue since last Saturday.

    • GrocerJack

      I am torn on this. Normally no Chelsea merchandise touches any part of me during big games like this. However, the Double winning shirt has been worn at 2 finals now and we’ve won both. Dilemma. All the best to the Beirut Massive 🙂

  10. bluebayou

    I’m going by train from St Pancras on Friday afternoon to Cologne changing at Brussels. From Cologne there’s a sleeper leaving just before midnight and I should be on it. Gets to Munich for just after 7 in the morning.

    Return on a train from Munich to Cologne that leaves about 5am Sunday morning (no hotel). Get the train from Cologne to London via Brussels at around noon and arrive back in St Pancras for 5ish. Fail to wake up and end up at the Eurostar Depot near Leyton which is a handy 20 minute walk from where I live (assuming the beloved refuses to collect my alcohol reeking carcass by car).

    I’m really too old for all this…….

    Hope you all enjoy it wherever you’re watching it.

    And keep your Lederhosen supple.

  11. Dylbo Baggins

    I’m a bit torn as to what to do.

    For every other Champs league tie I’ve woken up at 4:30am to watch the game (sober) and head to work post match (again, sadly, sober). But, the 2nd leg of the semi just happened to be the morning of a public holiday (ANZAC day here in Aus). I went out with the intention of being in bed by 11 so I could get a little sleep before the 4:45am kick off.. ended up trying to pull a boozy all nighter. 

    So, does this mean I have a responsibility to the club (and the blog) to pull a boozy all nighter on sat so i’m ready for 4:45am kick off on sunday morning or do i go to bed early like any sane person would?

  12. NorthernVA


    I remember there was a point this season when defending the “Old Guard” would get you mocked and called deluded. More upward arrows were found in calling them past it, deadwood, or touchy. Maybe they are a bit touchy. 

    Always good to see the basic humanity in the players we support. Just wish some posters would have had the same decency at times this season.


    • Dylbo Baggins

      Thanks for sharing.

      In the photo where Drogba is about to grab her left hand, is it just me or does she look exactly like Frank when he’s about to take a set piece. Slightly hunched over, hand in a fist with the thumb inside the fist.

      • NorthernVA

        No problem mate. I really didn’t notice her stance but now you mention it she does look exactly her dad. Definitely one to watch out for down the road. Reckon she probably is more useful on the pitch currently than some of Kenny’s signings.

  13. NorthernVA

    Before I log off I must ask Tony about  his thoughts on the Capello rumors? I know you’re not the biggest fan of Italian coaching but you have to admit he does have the pedigree. Also did the proper thing by his captain and fell on the sword for him rather than play the role “yes man.” Could you see him leading us forward?  

    • GrocerJack

      I can see him doing it but his football is detestable in my view. Plus I can’t forgive him for the debacle of South Africa and the dismal performance of England. If Chelsea’s poor showing earlier this year was all down to AVB then logic dictates that Englands was down to Capello. 

      • NorthernVA

        Tony, I truly respect you’re complete inability to mince words. In fairness to Capello while the results in South Africa were similar to AVB’s tenure at Chelsea…crap. AVB had a vaster wealth of talent to draw upon during his tenure than Capello. 

        I hate to be an apologist but Fabio is football manager not Jesus Christ. He can’t turn water into wine. Although I’m sure he would have loved to put cartilage back in Ledley’s knees or swapped out Gareth Barry for a fit Hargreaves. Furthermore did Wayne Rooney even bother to turn up of the World Cup? People love to slag off Michael Owen these days but Rooney isn’t fit to lace his boots in an England jersey. Capello did the best he could with the resources at his disposal don’t you think?

        • GrocerJack

          No I don’t. Gerrard as Captain, mistake. Hanging JT out to dry. Mistake. Taking Rooney. Mistake. if Rooney was injured as people say he shouldn’t have been played. he was a liability in every game. Dropping Rob Green for one error. Mistake. Undermined him, he may as well have gone home. Fortress camp with rigid curfews. Mistake. As Ruud once said, let the players have a drink. As long s they drink together then they should be allowed a little freedom. 

          Thats just for starters, and all down to Capello. 

          • NorthernVA

            Can’t disagree with much you said there. He did come round on JT at the end but should have never feed into the initial circus.

  14. WorkingClassPost

     Think you know my sentiments: if we’re going Italian, then stick with the one we’ve got.

    I have been a big fan of Capello, but he made arguably the biggest mistake of any club manager when he sold Cafu to Milan, thinking him too old. Cafu went on to play for FIVE seasons beating Roma to the Scudeto and later picking up Old Big Ears.

    Roma, by contrast, never fully recovered from his departure, with no more titles and a just few domestic cups to their credit.

    A salient lesson, perhaps, in not selling players before they’re ready to quit.

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