Chelsea vs Maccabi Tel Aviv Preview: Oscar Returns, Baba Rahman Debut

Oscar Vs QPR

I don’t think there’s any Chelsea fan that isn’t concerned with the start we’ve made. And there’s very good reason for concern. The Chelsea that has begun this season most certainly isn’t the one that finished the last. While we’re losing ground, most notably on Man City, it isn’t quite panic stations just yet.

Regardless of what might actually be going on at Cobham and behind the scenes at the club, any defeat for Chelsea will be pounced upon by the media, so losing three Premier League games already only gives the tabloids more ammunition. Cue stories of Mourinho’s odds being cut to lose his job, no fun allowed at training, player disputes and anything else you can fathom to imply a sense of chaos.

The most notable outcome is that we’re likely to see a few players be held accountable and some new faces will be given a chance – which is not necessarily a bad thing.

Remember at the end of last season when everyone was crying out for Solanke to get some game time?

In fact, we’ve already seen a roll of the dice, an out-of-character play by Jose, with the substitution of an unknown and likely undisciplined (form a positional and responsibility point of view) Brazilian teenager in Kenedy.

The good news is that we’re also likely to see another new face in the Champions League curtain raiser against Maccabi Tel Aviv. Baba Rahman is set to be given an opportunity to show what he can do with the likely victim being Ivanovic. Azpilicueta will move across to right back and Rahman will adopt his favoured left back role.

We’re looking forward to seeing his talents and will hopefully provide us all with a much needed lift.

Speaking of much needed lifts, the game will also see the return of Oscar. A man who was influential, particularly in our early season form last year and one who can really impact a game. Now is an opportune moment for him to work his way back into Jose’s good books.

So while one door closes for some players, other doors open for new (and returning) players. And so the world of football continues to revolve.

Enjoy the game, I dare say Jose will be out to make a statement.