Chelsea in the second seeded Champions League group

UEFA has again placed Chelsea in the second seeded group for the Champions League group draw which will take place at the end of August.

Of the 16 clubs that automatically qualify Chelsea is tenth. Three clubs in the qualifying rounds, including two English ones, would be seeded above Chelsea if they go through the group stage.

Chelsea was seeded in the second group last season, the first seed in the group phase being Porto.

The seedings for the 16 straight qualifiers are:

1 Real Madrid, coefficient 131.326;
2 AC Milan, 121.191;
3 Barcelona, 117.326;
4 Bayern Munich, 97.166;
5 Arsenal, 93.864;
6 Porto, 93.739;
7 Juventus, 93.191;
8 PSV Eindhoven, 84.145;
9 Lyon, 81.324;
10 Chelsea, 68.864;
11 Olympiakos, 46.715;
12 Schalke, 44.166;
13 Sparta Prague, 43.227;
14 Lille, 41.324;
15 Benfica, 36.737;
16 Fenerbahà§e, 23.872.

The three qualifers who can push Chelsea further down the individual seedings, but not out of the second group, are Manchester United, Internazionale and Liverpool.

Source: Official Chelsea FC website