Premier League TV revolution: Plans to introduce real-time graphics and data

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As reported by The Mirror, the Premier has announced a plan to partner with Genius Sports to provide real-time graphics and data into it’s coverage for broadcasts on Sky Sports and BT Sport.

The changes look set to be implemented this season so we won’t have to wait long to see what this will look like in action.

Statistics such as player speed and shot velocity will be shown on screen and in real-time.

While this won’t be for everyone, this will certainly change the way the game is watched.

Additionally, this technology will be offered to each club as a coaching aid should they wish to make use of the data and visualisations.

Genius Sports claim they help to put fans “directly into the action”.

The partnership has come to fruition after a breakthrough in something called player skeletal tracking – which seems to enable better and more accurate tracking and reporting of actions in real time.

The blend between video games (like FIFA23) and real world is getting closer and closer with some of the still images looking more like they are pulled from a computer game rather than a real life Premier League match.

What do you think Chelsea fans? Are you happy with this change to how football is watched?