Antonio Conte Talks About a Future in Italy


Speaking on Italian radio with station RadioUno, Conte has spoken for the first time about his love for his home country and that he sees his long term future there.

In this day and age of course managers tend not to last very long, however I think many fans would like to think that someone will be successful at their club long enough to create a dynasty, much like Sir Alex Ferguson at Man United.

Conte said, “I miss it, that’s beyond doubt, Italy is my homeland, so once I have had some good experiences, formative experiences, important and life-changing experiences, I’ll be back. I don’t know when but that’s the aim.”

I’ve always considered the short term approach to be a bubble, but with the money involved in the game continually rising it seems as though the management merry-go-round only seems to speed up. When will it stop. Probably when the money stops.

For now that doesn’t seem like it will happen any time soon.

Conte went on to rule out the possibility of taking his career to China, but did admit to uncertainty over where he sees his future in the game, even suggesting a director of football role.

In all honesty, I don’t think his comments around his job being “precarious” are all too alarming. It’s something most managers tend to acknowledge these days and is a true enough statement.

A lot depends on how Chelsea perform over the next season and how much autonomy he gets from the board. Rumours persist that Conte doesn’t always get his targets and there are disagreements at board (which is nothing new at the Bridge).

But these comments do seem to suggest that he won’t be in charge for the longer term, which admittedly is somewhat disappointing to hear.