Chelsea 8-0 Aston Villa – Christmas Comes Early

I certainly wasn’t expecting such an early Christmas present: news that Daniel Sturridge is leaving us. I rang the club and offered to drive him to Euston and pay for a First Class one-way ticket, just in case there’s any last minute hitch.

Obviously our relationship with Liverpool has now become like reciprocal charity shops. They give us their rubbish cast-offs and, in an act of return kindness, we give them ours. Hopefully that’ll be the end of the charity and we don’t accept Stewart Downing in return.

Nor was I expecting the other present from Aston Villa. Following their win at Liverpool last week and our limited recovery time from the exhausting journey to the northern wastelands of Yorkshire I was expecting a tight game and the usual Christmas draw. Instead it started raining goals for an extended period and ended with a deluge with Paul Lambert calling for sandbags to shore up the leaking Villa goal.

Team Selection

Everyone’s been saying it for some time but Rafa is the only one to do it, that is to play Luiz in midfield – FACT. Whether it’s because he’s the best option or rather because he can cause less damage with the inevitable calamity is a moot point. Oscar doesn’t seem to be in Rafa’s starting XI, which is a shame because I think Oscar is one of the most talented players to ever wear our shirt, but I’m not complaining because by Rafa only starting with two out of Mata, Hazard and Oscar he has made us more solid – FACT.

First Half

We got off to the perfect start with any early goal after only three minutes. A great cross in from the right and there was Torres, flying in to meet the ball at pace with his head and power home. It was a surreal moment, Torres scoring when a game was still tight and actually helping the team. That’s now only £49,999,800 he still owes us.

Sixteen minutes on the clock and the lemmings start their applause for Robbie Di Matteo. Oddly there was another round of applause after 19 minutes which means either some fans have faulty watches, or some fans can’t tell the difference between a 6 and a 9 or there was a significant player number 19 of whom I’m unaware.

Midway through the half a Villa player hoofed the ball away and it struck Luiz on the head. To be honest it was the most wanton act of violence I’d witnessed on a football pitch in years and Luiz was lucky to be alive. It didn’t seem to effect Luiz too badly though and a few minutes later he struck a magnificent free kick from the edge of the box which thundered past Guzan in goal.

To round off a comfortable half Ivanovic reacted quickly to a second ball and headed in. 3-0.

Second Half

It would have been easy for us to sit back and cruise but we were having none of that. We were making chance after chance and after 60 minutes Frank picked up the ball well outside the box and, keeping his head down and focussing on the ball, drilled hard into the net. This goal took Frank beyond Bobby Tambling’s tally and was his 500th Premier League start; a top professional.

Shortly after Frank was replaced by Ramires. Was this to rest Frank for the Christmas schedule? Was it to give Frank the chance to wave goodbye to all the fans before he departs to Shepherds Bush or Los Angeles? Or was it just tactical? Regardless Frank got a standing ovation.

Torres was substituted by Oscar. Was this to rest Torres for Christmas? Was it to give Torres the chance to wave goodbye before he departs, maybe with Daniel to Liverpool? Or was it because Rafa couldn’t take any more of Torres prancing around wasting chances?

We continued to press and a Villa player thumped the ball clear and it hit Ashley Cole in the buttocks. This was the most shocking violence I’d witnessed in 30 minutes and Ashley was lucky to still be alive.

Next to score was Ramires. A great break and who else but Ramires, making up the ground to arrive in the box and strike home through Guzan’s legs. Just four minutes later and Oscar was brought down in the box. If it was still 0-0 Phil Dowd might have thought longer and harder about awarding the spot kick but Oscar obliged by powering home.

6-0 and we weren’t done yet. Hazard, playing more like the Hazard we all hoped for and saw in the first three games of the season, did some great work on the left, a quick one-two in the box and then struck home with ferocious force.

Piazon, who’d arrived for Mata, to add to our Brazilian contingent, was tripped in the box and there was no doubt about this being a penalty. We now adopted the approach of he who is fouled gets to take the penalty, a system I’ve not experienced since school break circa 1973. Unfortunately Piazon hit a weak spot kick that Guzan easily palmed over. Still, we were winning 7-0 so who’s complaining.

With only moments remaining we tore Villa to shreds once more with Ramires making another late arrival to side foot home from the edge of the box. Before the final whistle a Villa player fired a ball into Hazard’s shin from close range. This obscene act of violence made me feel physically sick and I feared for Hazard’s life.


What a fantastic performance. It could easily have been 12-0 and we made Villa look like a pub team from Leeds or Nordsjaelland. Hazard was the best I’ve seen him so far and most players had a sparkling game. The interchanges and creation of space were first class.

Don’t be fooled by the goal; for me Torres was still poor and fluffed other opportunities so I hope the deal has been done for a top class striker. Surely if we’re letting Sturridge go we’ve already put pen to paper for a replacement, or have we done a Spurs/Liverpool and sold without a backup plan?

Frank had a decent game and regardless of whether he should be in the first team (I’d personally start Ramires) I’d like to see him offered a deal to keep him at the club even if it’s only in an ambassadorial role.

How much credit for this performance and result goes to Rafa? I’m impressed with Rafa so far. I’ve enjoyed his interviews, he’s tightened up our defence, he’s managed to extract some improvement out of Torres and he’s kept smiling in the face of abuse. Whilst permanent managers have only lasted six months surely it’s worth a bet that an interim manager could last three and a half years and be Roman’s longest serving appointment? In Rafa I trust.

Press Reports

The Guardian, Dominic Fifield: “Villa, a team who had arrived at Stamford Bridge unbeaten in six games, were shredded with the panache of the latter weeks of Chelsea’s Premier League success under Carlo Ancelotti two years ago. Chelsea were ruthless, their key players excelling with a trio duly allowed a breather before the end as thoughts drifted to Norwich on Boxing Day and a cluttered programme ahead.”

The Daily Telegraph, Paul Hayward: “Under Rafa Benítez in December, Chelsea have put six past Nordsjaelland, five through Leeds and now eight in Aston Villa’s net. The two 0-0 draws with which Roman Abramovich’s latest appointee started his “interim” reign were the manure for a remarkable flowering of goals and entertainment.”

The Independent, Jack Pitt-Brooke: “This was the biggest league win since Chelsea beat Wigan by the same scoreline in May 2010. And, like any festive binge, it was almost an uncomfortable experience at the end. There was no prospect whatsoever of any Christmas charity as Villa looked callow and out of place and were handed their worst ever defeat.”

The Official Chelsea FC Website: “Christmas came slightly early at the Bridge as the Blues turned on the style, especially in the second half of this one-sided encounter. Seven scorers supplied the eight goals with Fernando Torres setting the team on its way with a fine early header. David Luiz and Branislav Ivanovic made it 3-0 by the break and after the interval Frank Lampard scored his 130th Chelsea top-flight league goal to set a new club record. Substitutes Ramires, with two, and Oscar, also found the net, as did Eden Hazard, and we also had the luxury of one missed penalty. At the other end Petr Cech kept a clean sheet with a superb save on to the crossbar.”

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  1. Blue_MikeL

    Fantastic result and great way to play the last game of 2012 in SB! First time in the history seven players from one team have scored in one match, at least in the history of English football.  Piazon had a good game, or actually 20 mins of the game. Twice involved in the goal scoring and winning penalty, not a bad result for 18 years old debut in EPL. 
    Sturridge can go wherever he wants to and God bless him. I wish him all the best in his way and that is pretty much all I can say about him.     

  2. Bluebrain

    At last, someone who hasn’t got skin thin enough to use as tracing paper, someone who can see Rafa Bentiez for what he really is: yes, he really does look like a Spanish waiter, but he’s also a pretty good manager and a very good team-builder. It’s so refreshing and such a change from the “boo-hoo Rafa insulted me when he was at Liverpool” brigade. Well, I’m sorry these people have been emotionally traumatised and eternally scarred by Rafa attempting to do his very best for his then club, but quite frankly I’ve had enough of their simpering, myopic self-pity. We should all be looking at what’s best for CFC: nothing else – NOTHING ELSE- matters
    Thanks for a great read (not just the pro-Rafa sentiment, but the whole interesting, funny and illuminating article).

    • Petew

      Not emotionally scarred or eternally traumatised, just think he’s a cunt and looking forward to him leaving.

      He came in at a good time – after a run of very tough matches and before a run of very easy ones – and despite dropping seven of his first nine points and fucking up the WCC he’s done okay.

      No complaints about yesterday, thought Luiz-Lampard would be ripped apart, but Villa were hopeless. Easy pickings and excellent for morale. As I’ve said all along, this is a very strong side and third place should be a gimme.

      • Blueboydave

        Well said, Sir.

        Before the “Rafa-is-a-Genius-and-we-ought-to-keep-him” bandwagon starts to grow, perhaps we need to remind those with even dodgier memories than mine that back in those halcyon days of September/October this squad were scoring goals for fun and, whisper it, even Torres had little flurries where he scored goals in consecutive games.

        Terrific performance yesterday, but Rafa Out remains my stance.

  3. GrocerJack

    Excellent summary Mark. Matas first half free kick hit a Villa player on the side. This was an act of sickening violence and I was surprised the game carried on. Luckily the Villa player made a full recovery although nightmares are likely to feature heavily when he remembers this game.

  4. Vik Sohonie

    Haha, great summary Mark, had me chuckling throughout.  I’ve held back on what I also see as Benitez doing a good job with a great squad, getting the best out of the attackers and plugging the gaps that have arisen from a transitional season, but now that it’s been put out there, I agree with you, I am warming up to the corpulent one.  His press cons have indeed helped his image.  Being out of the game for that long, he’s obviously less stressed and less likely to say the things he did at Liverpool.  As I said before, he might be a lot of things, but he’s not delusional.  

    Moses was a really shrewd signing, he is solid anywhere.  David Luiz RAN the midfield and I hope this remains his permanent role.  He is less liable to make a mistake and can use his eccentricity to his – and the team’s – advantage.  Even if Torres is still not what we need, what Benitez has gotten out him is superb.  That header was Didier-esque. 

    I wouldn’t say Villa were desperately poor, I think the first two goals really destroyed their self-belief given their raw power and spontaneous nature. 

    I’ve heard Daniel has passed his medical at Anfield – that would be the first thing he’s passed all season! And that’s my (stolen) joke for the night.  

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    P.S. – Mourinho is as good at done at Madrid after dropping Casillas and losing 3-2 to Malaga.  Welcome home Jose? 

  5. Vik Sohonie

    Also, I’m glad to be part of one of the only bastions of reason when it comes to the 16th minute Di Matteo chant.  Singing gospel at church doesn’t make you any more religious than practicing your faith quietly in your own home.  Robbie will always be a legend but it’s time to move on, and if an 8-0 win isn’t enough of a push, I don’t know what is.  Honestly if Rafa comes supremely good come season’s end, I will never question Abramovich’s supposedly rash decision making ever again.  Either luck is always on his side when (and if) he gambles, or he reads between the lines better than anybody.  That’s not an unequivocal endorsement, but your players are most probably on your side when they ravage an opponent in such fashion.    

  6. Gloryhunters

    Just to let you know mate Villa started this clapping after 19 minutes of every game to support Styllian Petrov who wears the number 19 shirt, and have done so all season to support his fight against cancer. Chelsea are the only ones who have not joined in the support for a true gentleman and great pro. Very dissapointing from a writers point of view to know and respect a campaign where other pro and physios have cycled from Celtic Park calling in grounds in support for Leukemia Charity. It seems now evryone uses the minutes support any triviality hence the 16minutes

    • GrocerJack

      Knob. Chelsea did join in, and in my end of the ground we knew exactly what it was for. Either you weren’t there or you’re fucking deaf/blind or stupid.

  7. HoT NeWs » клубная лига

    […] matches played on Sunday, December 23 at the various centres;. Club P W D L GF GA GD PTS … Premier League: Chelsea 8-0 Aston Villa – Christmas Comes Early … David Luiz and Branislav Ivanovic made it 3-0 by the break and after the interval Frank Lampard […]

  8. mark_25

    @ gloryhunters

    The fact I commented that everyone around me was clapping during the 19th minute indicates that Chelsea fans were indeed joining in, so your allegation that Chelsea are the only team not to join in is entirely false.

    The fact I didn’t know what it was for shows by personal ignorance.

    I’ve made a donation to Pedal for Petrov on behalf of the ChelseaFC blog.

  9. Day Tripper

    According to the press, it was lambs to the slaughter here but I wonder how much difference there was in average age at the end of the match (ie with Torres and Lampard off the pitch)?

  10. Gloryhunters

    Yeh nice to see the up and coming future of england Lampard and Cole playing. I see there are as many Brazillians as Spanish now and after another £50m of Russian Dirty money to be laundered on Naymar. I want to see all of you sqeal when hes had enough. 2bn for a Carling Cup quite a prize eh. You will never have any class everyone hates you, even more than Manure, and Leeds. hahahahaha I watched back the game on sky after being there yesterday and it was hilarious Butch saying he needed to spend in Jan on Cavani and Falcao hahahaha bloody hilarious after destroying the game as we knew it single handedly wants to play outside all the rules again. The club and the game is a joke

    • GrocerJack

      There are jokes at Chelsea. Patently letting a fucking amoeba brained cunt like yourself into the ground was the first. We rather like decent opposition fans visiting our site. Surely Villa have better representatives than a fuckwit like you?

      ””’blah blah blah….dirty money…….what do we do when Roman leaves….blah blah blah. Seriously your arguments are amongst the most sickeningly violent I’ve heard on a blog for some time. Us Chelsea bloggers are lucky to be alive.

      • Gloryhunters

         Thank you for you beautifully described account of of my blog. I am surprised that you have knowledge of the english language as the latest reports now state that the english are a minority in London. However I am only stating what every other fan of the premier league outside the sky 4 think. You may be getting bored of it but you better believe this will continue until either premier league or Platini sorts this out by stopping the likes of Abramovich using people as toys including yourselves. £55+ for a ticket for away fans is a discrace. Restrict the amount a chairman can pump in and you go back to being the 2nd division team we all know you are. I for one will write article after article until this shambolic premier league is brought back to a level playing field. Oh and before you start their is much more respect for the Villa trying to do it the right way, voted number 1 accademy in the country, a line of players who have made the grade. The change is coming enjoy it while it lasts and we will see how many Chelski supporters there are then. Do the maths of players, wages, supporters, I repeat a joke of a club, and I for one will continue to keep making this point all around the web.until I get the football back of the 70s and 80s, and I know we were in the lower reaches as well, at least I was there and not post Abramovich which is probably what you are. Now go and play with your teddy there a good boy

        • mark_25

          Did you miss a lot of school or just the English lessons?

          £55 for a ticket seems pretty reasonable compared to what I’ve paid for your place which doesn’t seem to have been refurbished since the days of Peter Withe.

          Of course Aston Villa have always had wealthy benefactors; it’s just a pity that the ones that chose you are tightwads.

        • Agh57

          Do you mean the old or current second division? Since the League started messing around with the divisions it’s become harder to work out how much you are being insulted.

          • Cunningplan

            Good point, and perhaps we should ask how he thinks taking football back to the 70’s and 80’s restores a level playing field.

            He must have forgotten how Liverpool with the help of Littlewoods pools money dominated for the vast majority of the two decades.

    • Cunningplan

      Here we go again, did you stay up all night to come up with the lines…. dirty Russian money, and when he’s had enough etc etc, it gets a  bit boring after 8 years. Of course that word “class” that fans like to use about football clubs, it’s very subjective, so best if you go look up the word subjective.

      Yes GrocerJack was right… you’re a KNOB! and stupid.

  11. Blueboydave

    I’ve just been for a walk round my local park and saw:

    3 crows attack a defenceless squirrel and

    a large collie crossbreed dog turn on a randy little terrier that tried to mount it.

    These were the most disgraceful acts I’ve seen in the park for years and they ought to be banned for a long time ……

  12. GrocerJack

    Well, that was rather excellent yesterday, and as goal number 5 went in the final remnants of a real ale/red wine/port induced hangover finally lifted. I know I’m very much in the minority which LIKES Rafa but hey thats all part of the rich tapestry of life and supporting Chelsea. I like the team selection, the courage to give Luiz another go as a deep lying midfielder was superb. The Guardian had an article suggesting Luiz could become like Socrates did for Brazil in that position. That might be a little presumptious but I do see parallels in the sanguine style of each player and their comfort with the ball.

    Other things I liked about Rafa were the substitutions – resting and rotating sensibly before more important festive games. This is sensible player management. Notably not one substituted player sulked or looked surprised. Fans can hate Rafa all they like but it seems clear the players like him, as does the remainder of the bench personnel. if he’s keeping the dressing room united then that has to be good (RDM it seems did have issues with certain players rightly or wrongly). Robbie won a Coach of the year award last week by all accounts (my contact was showing us the pictures, seems he may be the first to get it and be unemployed!)

    So, my nod for MoTM would be Hazard yesterday. I can barely remember a player since Zola who had such perfect balance – the difference being he has electric pace to add as well. I don’t know who was right back for Villa yesterday but I imagine the whole back line will have nightmares about Hazard running at them.  The other impressive turn was from Dave Azpiwhatever – looks a very good right back, good crossing, good passing and even had a decent attempt on goal. And again he’s featured more since Rafa came in. I loved RDM and he will always be a legend but I think have may have been a bit too rigid in his thinking of what’s needed versus what’s wanted.

    Oh, and the Chelsea fan who rang 606 to claim that benitez made ‘vile’ and ‘outrageous’ comments aaginst the Chelsea fans when managing Liverpool….you need a dictionary mate to learn what those words mean. Disrespectful maybe..ill judged definitely……but not vile and not outrageous.

  13. Paulo Ferreira's blue army.

    I was in the Shed Upper sitting close to the Villa fans yesterday and I thought they were cracking throughout, and I actually felt sorry for them that they had to pay £55 for a ticket, travel down and back up and watch their team get beaten 8-0. But my sympathy is extinguished instantly by this pure cunt calling himself ‘Gloryhunters’. I can smell the bitterness coming out his Christmas jumper.

    Aside from his laughable comments with regards to footballing matters, I’m equally unimpressed with his comment on Chelsea fans’ lack of grasp on the English (*not ‘english’) language, which I take several issues with including:

    1) Scrolling through the comments under the match report, you have easily the worst grammar on show.

    2) Not sure how you can play the ‘english are a minority in London’ card when you’re from (or presumably from) Birmingham. I have divided my time between the two cities in the last six years, and from this comment I can tell that you are simply a fucking idiot…

    Have fun in the Championship, look forward to your Maoist football reforms never happening.

  14. Trueblue

    Oh GloryHunter, you have made my Xmas with your novel views on CFC, Russians, Immigration and use of English grammar. 

    Reading your comments has made me so thankful not to be an ignorant twat, and for that I give thanks during this holiday season. 

  15. Tom

    I’m really getting tired of people like you moaning about Torres.

    You really have no reason to complain at all given the way he played yesterday. In a game we won 8-0, he scored a fine goal while the score was still close; his passing and build up play were excellent (especially in the second half); and he would have scored again but for a great save by Guzan. But then I guess you’ve probably spent all day trying to think of a witty/eloquent way to have a dig at him and you’ll be damned if the facts are going to stop you.

  16. Gloryhunters

    Haha what a wind up.. I love the comments gloryhunters. Your right never went to school from the old school, left at 14. Made my way pretty well though. Regarding the comments about Londons immigration anyone who has seen, read the news recently this is a census on the how the demographics of the country and the capital have changed within the last ten years of our immigration policy. As for a level playing field I would only expect Chelski fans to defend their buy everything policy, at least Man City fans have their feet on the ground and respect they have been lucky. All hear on the radio is how you lot expect everything from top managers to players dumped in a breath on one defeat. You played well yesterday but you wont win the league. You may have to spend 2bn in January and buy Jesus hinself as there’s nobody left. As for the grammar at 73 who gives a FUCK. Yes I know I can swear to, wow

      • Gloryhunters

         HaHa I like that one mate, not bad at all. I like to think you thought of that really quickly and off the cuff. Shame but you probably had to ask your dad

        • Cunningplan

          If you are really 73 then you need to grow up.
          I’m bored with you now, and I realised a long time ago that you should never argue with an idiot, because they’ll wear you down, and beat you with experience

    • Ryan

      You’re boring mate. Unfortunately you’re also too old for it to be worth your while topping yourself. So read this instead, fuck-face.

      Everyone hates Chelsea…Money…Blah, blah, blah. We’re not interested in what you think and nor is anyone else. I’m sure Platini will soon succeed in throwing Chelsea, Madrid, City, United, Barca etc. out of the CL and millions all around the world can tune in to watch a few mediocre teams playing each other. Then I expect the PL will relegate all the teams that help sell the rights worldwide and just leave Arsenal, Everton & Villa to bring in the global audience. Then you’ll be happy. Won’t you?

      Funny that a lot of teams supporters complain about the top-teams in the league going out and buying the best-players in the world but don’t mind their club taking an (equal) cut of the worldwide rights & tv money these players and clubs bring in while not really doing much to attract that audience. Plenty would go under without this money. Do you seriously think Sky/ESPN/BT would pay billions to screen a league with twenty Aston Villa’s in it? Considering the fucking embarrassingly pathetic performance your lot put in yesterday. No they wouldn’t. So think on mate. No need to reply. I haven’t the least interest in what you think, you backward cunt.

      Happy Xmas.

      • Gloryhunters

         Backward c… another intellectual use of our beautiful english language. Old I may be but you have been brain washed by the arse licking media. How on earth do you put yourselves in the same league as Man U, Barca, Madrid, you pathtetic twat, no history, bought £1, I rememeber standing in that shithole of a ground then and now. Cant remember yours being used for anything other than a league game, or that empty travel lodge you own/ Now you reckon your the biggest draw in the world. Arsenal have more class and history than you will ever have, your trophies are hollow, Spurs have a bigger turnover. You have bought trophies since 2000. If the media hadn’t created a CHUMPS league you would be no where. Champions league my arse. Give a team with manager who has been kissed by the lord himself, finish 4th or 3rd etc and so called champs of europe. You cannot speak in the same breath as Benfica, Madrid, Inter, Milan, Ajax pathetic. Everton, Spurs, and the Villa are still held in higher estime than a team full of overpaid pre-madonas who has an owner who treats players like a disposable television, toaster and picks the squad to relive his fantasies, and all the sheep follow thinking they have a god given right to win things, bunch of no hopers. We may have been beaten by 8 so what it’s hollow. If we had been beaten 8 by Everto, Spurs, Arsenal I would be really worried. If you were envited into a european league then so are we. We have been poor for a few seasons, only one thing to say FORM IS TEMPORARY BUT CLASS IS PERMENANT something you will never know about, Abramovich is hated all accross europe and the shit that follows it. Time for cocoa and to remeniss the days when players were players and not actors… Merry Xmas All Speak Soon

        • Ryan

          Having read that well reasoned and excellently composed response I’ve changed my mind completely…

          maybe you should do yourself in.

  17. Blue_MikeL

    ha ha, Gloryhunters, haven’t seen Chelsea haters for a long time. I consider it a very good sign. We are doing well guys, finally they hate us again.

    • Cunningplan

      Could well be Debbie Harry, but I’d like to know where you buy disposable televisions and toasters from, and are they cheaper than the standard ones?

  18. Blue_MikeL

    Very important three points. Please against Everton the same. Mata is immaculate and Torres is rubbish, let me say it yet again  – rubbish. All these talks about 14 goals this season are sort of cheating. Yes, he has scored 14 goals so far, but he has failed to score in any key game, or against any serious opposition, which pretty much tells the story. Unlike Drogba who scored in all finals he ever played for Chelsea and delivered in important games, Torres becomes anonymous as soon as a defender or two look after him.       

    • Ryan

      Not sure we can write off all of his goals that easily but his all round play still isn’t impressing me. If he can keep scoring goals & we can bring in a world-class striker as well, I’ll live with it. David Villa on-loan being talked about a lot. Short-term that could be ok.

      Wonder where our friend “Gloryhunter” is? Hoping football will change the rules soon to stop poxy Spurs giving them a pasting too I guess. Ah well at least they got caned by a classy-club with a good turnover that never wins fuck-all today eh?

      Hope you all had a good Xmas and enjoyed a hard earned three-points.

      • Blue_MikeL

        We must bring striker, simply must! Torres can continue to score to all sorts of minnows. Chelsea can continue to make merchandise money on him, but we need somebody who can raise to occasion and score in key game.
        P.S. Gloryhunter is a good sign, very good sign. I have been worried lately that we are not hated anymore, but thankfully it is coming back. I prefer to be hated to being a laughing stock.      

        • Ryan

          That’s true mate. I do have an inkling that we’ll bring in a big name striker in the summer. Whether that striker will ever be able to match Drogba’s exploits I don’t know but it’s important that we recognise and acknowledge that Didier was a one-off and will probably never be matched for solo-heroism.

  19. ososdeoro

    Oh dear, now he’s throwing around the c-word. Those who have to talk about it are in a precarious positions themselves.

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  21. mark_25

    Impressive away win all things considered.  Norwich aren’t the rubbish they were at the start of the season, it was raining and stomachs were full with turkey, sausage, stuffing, bacon, sprouts, peas, red cabbage, parsnip and swede mash, potatoes, wine, Christmas pudding, cake, mince pies, desert wine, Stilton, Port, chocolates and fruit.

    Would have liked a second goal to be able to relax but one nils with clean sheets are an integral part of a good run.

    Everton away will prove more tricky.

  22. Musumba

    i still think we should buy Nani , Willain and Demba ba instead of Falcao , Nani,Mata and Hazard all have that telepathic ability to decipher the hidden pass quite often Torres fails to or is slow to comprehend, playing Nani as a messi type a striker will help Chelsea achieve the barcelona of beautiful football it desires,Willian is an automatic replacement for lampard and can chip in with 10+ goals plus numerous assists a season, Demba ba  is tried and tested and can play the  Drogba role if need be

  23. Blue_MikeL

    This is serious LOL!!! Sir Red Nose talking about hypocrisy 🙂  
    This fuck didn’t talk about hypocrisy last season, when scored two goals from offside, he didn’t talk about hypocrisy this season, when Cuntenburg dismissed Chelsea players. However, now he is talking about hypocrisy.

  24. Blue_MikeL

    Nothing new on the pitch actually. We have met tough opposition, Torres become anonymous and we are struggling.  

  25. NorthernVA

    Torres steals yet another paycheck. How on earth can the club justify paying him and not Lampard. You would have thought that they realized the folly of letting Drogba go when he was still capable of doing the business.

    • Blue_MikeL

      I actually posted a link on this thread explaining why club keeps him and pays him. Torres is the second, after Rooney  in EPL, in terms of merchandising, Adidas and Chelsea are making shit hell lot’s of money on him. This is more or less why we play him. As a player he is an accomplished rubbish.

  26. Cunningplan

    I must be mistaken in thinking this is a Chelsea blog, because it appears that at every, and any opportunity it’s become a lets bash Torres blog. For fuck sake get a grip guys it’s a team game and he plays for Chelsea, and while he does I’ll support him, and anyone else that wears our colours, for that matter

    He gets slagged off when we win, he gets slagged off when we lose, he gets rubbished when he scores, and  rubbished when he doesn’t, it’s no better than fucking trolling we get from oppo fans who turn up here from time to time, change the fucking record it’s becoming tiresome!

    For 30 mins yesterday none of our lot looked interested, and we could have been 3-0 down by the time we carved out our first chance, and for people without agendas Torres was involved in the build up for our two goals, hardly fucking anonymous, he also tracked back and tackled, plus cleared a few Everton corners with good headers, the type of thing Drogs used to do. Yes we know he’s not Drogs, he’s never going to be, and lets be honest no striker in the Premiership will come close, but 7 goals in the last 10 games is a good return by anyone’s standard.

    Perhaps we should also talk about the other elephant in the room, which is Rafa, as noboby seems to want to credit him with our turnaround, as eagerly as they are to bash Torres.  As much as I didn’t want him at the club he’s here for the short or longish term, and perhaps deserves a bit more respect than we give him. There’s no doubting he sets the team up well, and the lads want to play for him, and dare I say come the end of the season if we’re in contention for the prem and win a pot, then if it’s a choice between him and Pep, I’ll take Rafa every time.

    Fucking Rant over! I just hope I can calm down before I go out drinking tonight, otherwise it’s going to be the mother of all hangovers tomorrow.

    Happy New Year to all bloggers as well.

    • mark_25

      Although I’d say Torres has received unparalleled support with fans encouraging him for 18 months throughout lackluster performances but unfortunately most of us have lost patience.

      He was bought to score goals. Not any old goals but BIG goals in BIG games.  When we needed a cushion yesterday he missed two decent chances second half.

      We’ve got a trio of performing midgets to provide the assists.  We don’t need another assistant, we need a finisher.

      Most of his recent goals were easy goals.  I could have got the 5th tap in against Leeds who were on their knees begging for the final whistle.

      Aside from Torres yesterday’s reaction and determination took me pleasantly by surprise.

      Happy New Year all.

      • Cunningplan

        It’s not just about peoples opinions or view on Torres, Mark, it’s about any excuse to bash his performances good or bad and to keep doing it. Yes I know people have lost faith and patience with him and he was bought to score goals, but the two chances he failed to score with yesterday are a bit unfair to call misses.
        We also could easily view them as a great save from Howard, and fantastic defending from Distin, the very things we championed Cech, and our defence for against Messi et al this year.

        • Blue_MikeL

          Hi Clive, 
          Happy new year to you old chap! 
          I am with Mark on this one. He (Torres) had 18 month of unprecedented support from the fans. We have seen 3 managers departing, while waiting for him to score. Luis who is defender and has been bought in the same window scored his first goal longer before Torres. What else we can do? What kind of support we can give him in order to make him start scoring? 
          The only reason the guy is still on the pitch is because he looks like Justin Bieber and lot of people around happy to buy Chelsea jersey with his name. 
          I mean seriously, since when it is a crime to call a child by his name? Unfortunately the name of this child is shit!!!!!   


          • Cunningplan

            Hey less of the old! ;-)…. and I’ll be selling vast quantities of humble pie on E-bay in a special Chelsea section, should Torres keep scoring from now until the end of the season.

  27. Chris

    I’m also with Mark on the subject of Torres. He is playing adequately, and I give him credit for tracking back to help out on defense periodically, and of course I cheer him on during a game. But if we want to be in the top flight and compete against the best teams in the world, we need a world class striker, and Torres is quite clearly not that. In all honesty, he just looks old and uncoordinated, often frighteningly so. It’s like his feet can’t respond to his brain fast enough; exactly how I feel in my coed 30+ league, in fact!

    Turning to Benitez, I’m not sure I see where he can claim to be responsible for the improvement in results. Maybe more use of Moses in place of Oscar, though I still like the Mata, Hazard, Oscar trio best. Lamps returning from injury has helped calm the midfield. And I think the Luiz as holding mid experiment has been a failure. He makes the occasional long pinpoint pass that is a thing of beauty, but he is caught with the ball or makes foolish passes several times a game, and when he does we are immediately exposed at the back. Just too dangerous against better teams that will punish us more effectively than the lower level teams we have been playing recently.

    • Ryan

      To be fair Luiz in midfield was necessitated by Mikel’s suspension and then injuries to Ramires & Mikel. Also neither Ramires nor Lampard are ideally suited to playing in the pivot either so playing him there is probably more a case of pragmatism than stroke of genius.

      Torres is alright. No more, no less. Not worth the astronomical wages. Not useless but certainly not world-class anymore. He’s just an average PL striker now. He’s certainly no Aguero/Van Persie/Suarez/Hernandez etc. He’s more like Shane Long or Aruna Kone. Decent. Serviceable.

      Happy New Year to you all.

  28. WorkingClassPost

    Happy New Year one and all.

    2012 finished in a pretty duff manner for me and the main highlight was the improving results and performances on the pitch, so I’m in a very non-critical frame of mind just now.

    There’s a lot of good work going on at the Bridge it seems, with more cohesion and discipline on display, so I’m hoping that 2013 continues in similar manner and good luck to all concerned.


  29. Day Tripper

     Happy new year to one and all. Re strikers: to kick things off, why not get Lukaku back? We own him anyway, and I wouldn’t imagine WBA make a great contribution to his wages. He’s putting in some decent shifts for WBA and with Torres the way he is, I can’t help thinking he would get a lot of game time. For example after QPR, we have the FA Cup against Southampton and then the first leg of League Cup against Swansea. He could play both those games. And then with Sturridge going, and Moses off to the ACN, and Ba, even if he comes presumably off to the ACN too, we really have no cover whatsoever

  30. Der_Kaiser

    Happy New Year folks, hope you all had a good one.

    Good win tonight and we’ll have had our best Xmas period since Jose – don’t think we’re title winners, but think we’ll have a say in where it goes come May.

    QPR will be up for this, but the tonking they took from a very average Liverpool side should tell us enough about them – they will be relegated come April, if not sooner and easily up there with the infamous Derby / Sunderland / Swindon sides as amongst the worst to have played in the top flight. 4-0 tonight please – hey, even Torres might score.

    Re the comments on Crazy Dave in midfield – he’s done OK, but will be found out by a decent side as he nearly was against Everton.  Pienaar’s goal and their break that led to Cech’s fingertip save from Jelavic (?) were both down to fairly basic errors / losing the ball on his part.  Good player, but he was improving at centre half so let’s see him back there next to JT (as and when).

      • Blueboydave

        Did you just want to be first in with the almost still seasonal pun, or do you not think he’s worth a [for us, relatively] cheap punt?

        With 2 League Cup semis and up to 2 FA cup games in January alone he could play and give Torres a rest, he’d almost pay back most of his fee instantly.

        Meanwhile, I see details of the home Europa League game ticket sales is now on the website, but I’m struggling to see what the prices are anywhere. 

        From memory. knock-out phase CL games were full price EPL level in recent years. Do they really think fans will pay the same for Europa League?

        • Der_Kaiser

          Going for the vaguely seasonal angle.  Decent buy if his dicky knee holds up (which it seems to have done thus far with Newcastle).  Two failed medicals in recent years is a bit of a worry though.  And much seems to depend on his agents who have asked for silly money to complete the deal.

          We can only assume that Torres is now moping about the place looking disgruntled.

          • Cunningplan

            Now now JD, to even bash Torres when he isn’t even playing is lower than a snakes belly. 😉
            Perhaps our sale of Sturridge for £13 million is a clever attempt to make Liverpool pay back some of the money we shelled out on FT.

            Also it’s worth considering that Sturridge as we all know…. doesn’t like to pass to a team mate, and Suarez is also the same when he gets the ball near the box, will they actually pass to each other at all?

  31. GrocerJack

    I dont hate Benitez but I don’t love him either. He got that very wrong last night, even if the starting XI was more than good enough to live with most teams. Play the best team. get the comfy lead then give the others a run out. Either that or instil some passion and desire about how important this game was. Oscar was poor 1st half, Lampard invisible, Marin bright, Luiz defensive and Bertrand sadly looking out of his depth again. All improved second half but still too much fluffy fucking about instead of making the flaky keeper work

    But it was Torres who stunk the house out. A disgraceful display of apathy, gutlessness and cowardice combined with the look of a haunted player spooked by the ghost of what he once was. He’s broken. He’s scared. he’s incompetent. He’s so bad I’d take Kalou or Malouda ahead of him. At least Kalou always seemed to try. When we bought Sheva it wasn’t long before we could see he was ready for the glue factory but the fact was despite his shortcomings in pace, he always tried hard. Torres on the other hand is not even a passenger.

    He’s a fucking stowaway. 

    Get rid. Now. 

    We will not win the league. I can’t see an FA Cup either. I expected a trophyless season but I expected to see some fight as the team formed. Last night we saw none. Pathetic. 

    #Torresout as i’ve been saying on Twitter. 

  32. Dylbo Baggins

    I’m wondering if Benitez rested players a) with a view to the cup games (our only realistic chance at silver and the bolstering of his resume) and b) because ‘arry was always going to tell his players to come out and try to intimidate us by kicking lumps out of us.

    Not saying he got it right or I would have rested players, but we certainly don’t need Mata on the sidelines…

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