Chelsea 2023/24 Season Review: A Rollercoaster Ride


Chelsea’s 2023-2024 season under the new management of Mauricio Pochettino has been marked by highs and lows, showcasing both promise and the need for further development.

As the Blues navigated a season filled with dramatic ups and downs, Betway’s odds and betting insights provided an additional layer of excitement for fans and bettors alike, offering a dynamic perspective on Chelsea’s fluctuating fortunes. Let’s delve into the key aspects that defined Chelsea’s season.

Premier League Performance

Chelsea’s journey in the Premier League this season was characterized by inconsistency. The team delivered some thrilling victories, including a memorable 4-3 triumph over Manchester United and a convincing 2-0 win against Southampton. However, these successes were counterbalanced by heavy defeats, such as the 4-0 loss to Fulham, which highlighted the team’s struggles with maintaining a steady form. Their performance against top-tier teams and mid-table clubs was erratic, reflecting a season where finding rhythm and stability proved elusive​.

Domestic Cup Campaigns

In domestic cup competitions, Chelsea’s performance was less than stellar. The club participated in both the FA Cup and the EFL Cup but failed to make significant progress in either tournament. These early exits were a disappointment for fans and punters on Betway hoping to see silverware return to Stamford Bridge. The cup runs were marred by tactical missteps and inability to capitalize on key moments, which underscored the need for a more cohesive strategy​​.

Transfers and Squad Changes

The summer transfer window was a busy period for Chelsea, with several key signings and notable departures:

  • New Arrivals: Chelsea strengthened their squad by bringing in young talents such as Malo Gusto from Olympique Lyon and Andrey Santos from Vasco da Gama. These acquisitions were part of a strategy to build a team for the future, aiming to inject youth and energy into the squad​.
  • Departures: The club saw the departure of several important players. Kai Havertz and Mason Mount, both of whom played pivotal roles in recent seasons, left the club for Arsenal and Manchester United, respectively. These exits significantly impacted the team dynamics and performance. The loss of such key players necessitated a period of adjustment and rebuilding​.

Managerial Impact

Mauricio Pochettino’s inaugural season as Chelsea’s manager was fraught with challenges. The team exhibited potential but grappled with consistency issues, partly due to injuries and the need to integrate new players into the squad. Pochettino’s tactical approach is still in the process of being fully implemented, with the team showing flashes of what they might achieve under his guidance. The adaptation to Pochettino’s high-press style and emphasis on youth development is a work in progress​​.

Standout Performances

Despite the ups and downs, there were bright spots in Chelsea’s season. Cole Palmer emerged as one of the standout players, earning the 2023/24 Hublot Young Player of the Season award for his exceptional performances. Palmer’s contributions were a beacon of hope for the club’s future, symbolizing the potential within Chelsea’s ranks. His development and impact on the field were a testament to the club’s focus on nurturing young talent​.


Chelsea’s 2023-2024 season was a rollercoaster ride, reflecting a period of transition and rebuilding. While there were moments of brilliance, the team needs to address its inconsistencies and continue to integrate new players to achieve sustained success. Fans will be looking to see how Pochettino can build on this foundation in the coming seasons, with the hope that Chelsea can return to their former glory.