Bamford Issues Apology to Palace

Patrick Bamford

The Bamford/Crystal Palace story is really something and nothing. It’s probably a none-story.

But here we are once again, talking about Patrick Bamford and his strange departure from Crystal Palace.

He has now issues an apology via Twitter (see the tweet below) blaming the story on his words being taken out of context and thanking all at the club.

In short, it just didn’t quite work out for young Patrick at CPFC.

Now all that remains to be seen is where he’ll end up in January.

Swansea are reported to be in the reckoning whilst Bamford’s loan club last season Middlesbrough also look to be early favourites.

Once his destination has been decided, we can all go back to what we were originally doing and not need any more stories about Bamford again for a while.