Mourinho says: "What a Bunch of ****s"

Really, you would think grown men would have better things to do. Emblazoned across the back pages this morning: “MOURINHO NAMES THE DAY”. We are then treated to the usual crowd pleasing adjectives: cocky, arrogant, narcissitic, devil worshipper, baby killer, etc. I’m surprised Rob Beezely doesn’t have a picture exclusive showing Mourinho in discussion with Abu Hamza.

I must admit my first reaction was that it was a bit strong to actually name the day, so I checked what Mourinho had actually said. Had he really said “We’ll win the title on April 9th against West Ham”? Of course he hadn’t.

What Mourinho actually said was “We need 8 more victories for the title”. This is a statement of mathematical calculation. If we win 8 more games there is little Manchester United or Liverpool could do to finish above us. Although, donning his waterproof jacket, technically we need 8 wins and a draw to prevent the statistical possibility that one of United or Liverpool win every single one of their remaining games and overhaul a massive goal difference along the way.

So he didn’t name the day, he said we need 8 wins. A journalist, I suspect an eager to make a name for himself tart at the Daily Mirror (yes John Cross, that’s you), worked out who Chelsea are playing in 8 League games and invented his own headline.

Scumbag I think is the word, Mr Cross, don’t you?