Palace Club Captain Comments on Bamford’s Sudden Departure

Mile Jedinak

Crystal Palace club captain Mile Jedinak has waded firmly into the Patrick Bamford story giving his two cents on the youngster deciding to head back to Chelsea.

Jedinak has been quoted saying the following:

“You get opportunities when they are presented to you and they have to be taken.He gave a good account of himself (against Swansea) and was unlucky with his chance, sometimes you’re judged on that one chance – it’s the nature of this game.

Particularly in the final third when you’re playing up top. It’s unfortunate he didn’t put the chance away and we didn’t get the three points, but it is a point gained from our point of view.”

To be fair to Jedinak, it simply reads to me that he’s been asked about Bamford’s departure and the lad has answered with his honest opinion.

There is much ‘taking a swipe’ here, merely an acknowledgement that at the top, you may only get one chance in a game, one chance to play and if you don’t take it then another chance may take time to come around again.

If you’re looking for a story, it could be implied that Jedinak is suggesting that Bamford has thrown his toys out of the pram and left too soon.

From Bamford’s point of view, he’ll be keen to kick on with his career given his stellar year in the Championship last season.

Where he turns up next remains to be seen. Roll on the January transfer window.