[VIDEO] Watch That Jose Mourinho Speech: Poking Fun at League Rivals

Jose Speech

Tuesday evening’s Chelsea Awards Night didn’t fail to raise a few smiles among many Chelsea fans with Eden Hazard and Kurt Zouma picking up best player awards, and Jose delivering a great end of season speech, with a few digs to his rivals too.

Jose decided to include some Powerpoint slides mocking some tactics used by the top 4, to give reasons why no one else was ever going to win the league. Maybe Van Gaal should make some notes, instead of drinking half the bar tab before getting up to talk to his squad?!

Some highlights of the Jose Mourinho speech included;

Jose on Manchester United
“This is a football pitch with two goals, one ball, but there is one team that would like to play without goals,”

Jose on Manchester City
“After that there was another team that were less radical and they asked to play only with one goal. They were fantastic and they scored a lot of goals and the goals were coming from every position and they score and they score and they score, but they never conceded goals, because no goal.”

Jose on Arsenal
“The third team (red shirts, white sleeves) was almost there, because they wanted to play with two goals. They were scoring some, they were also conceding some. They were fantastic. They scored really beautiful goals, they concede some goals too and they were almost there. But they asked the international board to play only between January and April. And they told ‘no chance, no chance'”.

And finally Jose on Chelsea
“Finally come another team (blue shirts). They wanted to play with the normal rules and they know that to win matches they had to score one more goal than the opponent. How can you do this? By scoring a lot of goals or not conceding and scoring one. And they did it both ways. Scoring a lot, conceding some. Scoring one goal and conceding no goals. That was the option and lots of goals were conceded, they played from August till May and sometimes they brought the bus.”

You can watch the whole speech here: