Whirlwind Week: Jose’s Sacking, Potential Replacements & Guus Hiddink

Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho Leaves Chelsea
In my article last week, I spoke about how the club should stay level headed and not make any irrational decisions that they might regret. Well 48 hours later they had sacked the greatest manager in the history of Chelsea Football Club.

I grew up watching Chelsea with Jose at the helm, it just felt normal to see him standing there in the dug out weekend after weekend. It was hard enough the first time to see Jose go but the second time has been ten times worse.

I firmly believed that Abramovich would stick by Jose and just consider this season a “write off”, so that we could rebuild in the January and summer transfer windows but it was not to be.

When the news filtered through to Chelsea fans on Thursday afternoon it was met with major uproar and outrage at the insensible sacking of Mourinho. All the news about Abramovich wanting to build a dynasty at the club had been washed away. Roman led all us fans to believe that Jose would be Chelsea’s version of Sir Alex Ferguson, but it wasn’t to be.

A Player Revolt?
There has been a lot of unrest surrounding the relationship between some of the first team players and Jose.

Reports even going as far as saying that there was a player amongst the squad who was deliberately performing badly in spite of Jose.

This unrest between the players and now former manager was supposedly one of the big reasons for Jose getting the axe, but many fans including myself would rather have seen the few bad apples leave our club rather than the man who arguably loves Chelsea the most out of everyone who has been working at Cobham these past few years.

I would personally like to thank Jose for what he has done at the club over the course of both his spells here with us. He ranks right up there alongside Lampard, Terry and Drogba in terms of love and devotion to Chelsea Football Club and I wish him the best in his future endeavors and I know that it is very unlikely almost impossible that he will have a third stint at the club but I would like Jose to know on the behalf of all the fans who I have come in contact with that Jose will always be warmly welcomed back to the club and we truly believe that you are as you said upon your return in 2013 “one of us”.

Jose’s Permanent Replacement
There seems to be a mini merry go round in terms of world class managers becoming available in the summer of 2016. Guardiola is now set to leave Bayern Munich at the end of the season and if reports are to be believed Simeone might also be available in the summer as well.

It is believed that Abramovich has always had a fascination with bringing Guardiola to Chelsea, I mean it makes sense considering Abramovich wants to see his club play fast flowing attacking football, however Guardiola has already stated the it would take a major overhaul for him to take charge at the club with reports in the press of him saying that Chelsea would need to bring in at least 10 new players and it is unlikely that Roman would be willing to do such.

Best Bet Simeone
In my opinion Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid would be the best option for Chelsea right now.

He is hard working and displays such dedication to the job he is in. Simeone’s passion for the game is unquestionable and I believe he would be the best choice for the job, the question is whether Abramovich and the Chelsea board would be able to lure him away from his home and newly made dynasty at Atletico, with his release clause at Atletico reportedly set at 15 million euros it will be interesting to see whether Roman will splurge the cash to get his man and only time will tell. Roman and senior advisor Marina Granovskaia have a lot of thinking to do in the near future.

Guus Hiddink has stepped in for the rest of the season but it will be interesting to see who eventually gets the job in the summer and whether Roman will supply the next manager with the funds necessary to rebuild the team and restore the energy and enthusiasm that the Chelsea squad of last season seemed to have.

In ending I would just like to thank Jose for everything he has done for Chelsea Football Club and just let him know that all of us fans are going to miss him.
Jose you will always be one of us.

As for the next manager of Chelsea, only time will tell and no one really has any idea who will takeover but one thing is for sure, he will have a tough job on his hands.