Is Crespo injured?

The News of the World is reporting in today’s edition that Hernan Crespo’s career at Chelsea is hanging in the balance after he refused to travel to Spain for the Champions League game against Real Betis. Apparently he’s been given a final warning over the incident.

A Chelsea ‘insider’ revealed to the paper: “The boss gives everyone just one chance and Crespo’s had his. It has certainly not gone down well with the rest of the lads in the team — they can’t believe his attitude.

“It seems that Crespo found out he wasn’t going to be playing against Betis and would just be on the bench again.

“So he said he didn’t want to travel. That was not received very well at all but he was left behind, all be it in disgrace.”

Crespo hasn’t travelled to Manchester for today’s clash with United; the official club website reports that “Hernan Crespo [has not] been able to fly north”?.

There was also the incident after the victory over Blackburn when he didn’t remain on the field to celebrate the win with the rest of the team. A sign of dissatisfaction?

Obviously it borders on madness to believe what’s printed in the News of the World — but is there more to this than meets the eye?

N.B. I’ve imbibed quite a few lagers so my bullsh*t detector is probably faulty… and the area of my brain responsible for conspiracy theory generation heightened.

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