Gallas sniping angers Chelsea

William Gallas’ sniping in the press in recent days has clearly upset certain elements within the Chelsea hierarchy.

This evening the club took the unprecedented step of issuing a strongly-worded statement to inform fans about the lack of respect Gallas showed in a bid to get a transfer away from Stamford Bridge.

The statement revealed how he initially refused to play against Liverpool in last season’s FA Cup semi-final and how, if selected to play against Manchester City on August 20th, he threatened to score an own goal, get sent off or make deliberate mistakes.

Obviously Gallas has denied the claims, saying he is “surprised and shocked”.

Given his fractious behaviour in the past, the revelations in the statement don’t come as a surprise. What does come as a surprise is the statement itself, particularly its severity. Jose Mourinho is obviously very angry.

And here we were thinking the Ashley Cole transfer saga was over.