Chelsea to Play Home Matches at Wembley?

Wembley Stadium

An article which originated in the Times has today suggested that Chelsea have offered around £11 million per season over a three year period while Stamford Bridge is being redeveloped.

The deal, should it be agreed, would begin in 2017 and run until 2020.

Another twist to the story suggests that Tottenham are also keen to play at Wembley while White Hart Lane is rebuilt, however their bid is reported to be £3 million per year less than Chelsea’s, at £8 million per year.

Previous stories have seemed almost convinced that Chelsea will play at Twickenham, which it’s believed is still a viable option, however with the Wembley Group looking to make more money from their expensive stadium they are likely to accept the highest bidder that has a solid proposal.

A key further detail is that the attendance at Wembley would have to be capped at 50,000 meaning that the top tier would remain closed for ‘home’ games due to restrictions on the amount of events that can be held there each year.

Personally I think this would take something away from the atmosphere and for that reason I’d lean towards Twickenham if a deal could be struck.

We’ll report more on this story as it develops.