Brendan Rodgers Opinion on the Sacking of Jose Mourinho

brendan rodgers

When he was sacked just 7 months after lifting the Premier League title, many supporters Brendan Rodgers Opinion on the Sacking of Jose Mourinho.

Jose had signed a new contract in the summer but that didn’t stop Roman Abramovich from sacking him when poor results mounted up.

Now, one man who has worked with Jose Mourinho during his first reign at Stamford Bridge and then went on to manage Swansea and Liverpool in the Premier League has voiced his disagreement at the sacking of Jose Mourinho.

Brendan Rodgers, the former Liverpool manager who has been quiet ever since the Merseyside club sacked him in October last year, has said that Chelsea were wrong to sack Mourinho.

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure why Rodgers has waded into this conversation.

Everyone has an opinion these days and he’s probably trying to keep his name at the forefront of people’s minds as he looks for a new job.

When asked about Mourinho’s dismissal from Chelsea job, here is what Brendan Rodgers had to say:

“Everyone looks at it and you see the success that Jose has had as a manager, but particularly last year. I think it was just confidence.

Terry, Hazard are top players and five or six months ago were winning the league comfortably.

They didn’t get off to a good start and the focus is on you as manager, and it’s uncomfortable. I experienced it first-hand.”

It sounds like he’s comparing himself to Jose here, defending his own reputation.

Rodgers, speaking to Sky Sports, was of the view that Chelsea should have stayed with Jose regardless of his failures this season.