An Open Letter: Dear Eden…

Dear Eden,

This is a letter I thought I’d never have to write. Well, not yet anyway. It’s likely one you will never read. As one of the most gifted athletes alive, and one of the most exiting, creative football players to grace the Premier League, it’s an absolute joy to watch you play football. In an era of match fixing, tax dodging and performance enhancing drugs, you’re one of players that every football fan wants playing in their league, even if not for their own club. Just to watch your step overs, pin point passing, no look penalties and a change of pace that at times seems to defy science.

Whatever happens in your career, I am sure all Chelsea fans will remember you as a club great. A true fan favourite.

I’m sure this won’t come as any shock, but at the moment things are a little different. Not the love and admiration fans have for you, that hasn’t subsided – You have the full backing and support of every Chelsea fan around the World. Something you need to remember every single day. While we, the football supporters of the World, may never know exactly what happened behind the scenes at Stamford Bridge this season, we all want the same thing. 100% effort, every single game. That is it. It now seems that is starting to show through, especially at Stamford Bridge on Saturday against Newcastle. It was easy to see the positivity and confidence throughout the team. The only thing that was notably missing was a certain Belgian attacker running full speed at worried defenders taking home the Man of the Match award.

As a professional and dedicated sportsman no one will ever question you not doing your best, but sometimes you need to succeed in doing what is necessary. You have a duty and obligation to your employers and loyal fans. You said yesterday that things are “complicated” at Chelsea, and maybe they are. Maybe that was a misquote. But while you’re wearing the blue shirt, you’re a Chelsea player – and not giving the club your all is a crime against your talent.

If you are looking to move on from this relationship, as gutted as we may be, we will move on. But pay yourself, and your fans, respect. Give us your all until your last Blue breath. Leave on a high – and entertain and dazzle Chelsea fans, and your next suiters too.

Show the World exactly what you can do.
Que tous mes meilleurs vœux de bonheur et de succès vous accompagnent.

Yours sincerely,