Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s Girlfriend

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Aubameyang is in fact married to Alysha Behague. She and Aubameyang have reportedly been together for over ten years, and they appear to be very happy. They generally like to keep their private life out of the spotlight, but it is clear that they care a lot about each other and are deeply in love.

They did get married though their date of marriage has never been revealed publicly. Some people speculate that they got married very early on in their relationship, while others believe they waited several years.

Regardless of when they got married, it is clear that Aubameyang and Alysha Behague are a very happy couple and totally devoted to each other. They have two beautiful children together and seem to be living a wonderful life together.

Aubameyang and Alysha Behague are a wonderful couple, and it will be exciting to see how their relationship continues to develop in the years to come. Their love for each other is clear, and they make a great team both on and off the football pitch.

Aubameyang family

Who is Pierre Emerick Aubameyang?

Aubameyang is Chelsea’s Gabonese striker who recently moved from Barcelona. He is well known for his spells at Borussia Dortmund and of course Arsenal. In 2016, he was named African Footballer of the Year. Aubameyang is a very talented player with great speed, agility and accuracy in front of goal.

Aubameyang has a lot of experience in playing at the highest level, and he is undoubtedly one of the top strikers in world football. His time with Borussia Dortmund and Arsenal makes him a very familiar player to fans around Europe, and his recent transfer to Chelsea has excited many supporters here in England as well.

With Aubameyang’s impressive skills, pace, and natural goal scoring ability, there is no doubt that he can be a very valuable player for Chelsea this season. He could potentially form an exciting partnership with fellow Raheem Sterling, who was also recently acquired by the club from Man City. Aubameyang’s proven track record and immense talent will undoubtedly make him a key part of Chelsea’s success this season.