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The Podding Shed #35: We Know What We Are (6)

The Podding Shed #35: We Know What We Are In which our toilers on the allotment of life discuss the Europa League final victory over Benfica, the Premier League victory over Everton, the FA Youth Cup final defeat to Norwich and look back over the past season.


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  • Blue_MikeL

    Real Madrid have announced departure of TSO

  • Blueboydave

    Your discussion on Ake’s performance on Sunday reminded me of one of the other joys of the day.

    The fog-horned Mr. Angry, a regular a few rows behind me in the West Upper, is notorious for his endless ear-shattering complaints about the disgraceful failings of our players, the referee, etc.

    On Sunday he started on Ake from his very first touch and slagged him off 4 or 5 times in the first 10 minutes.

    Eventually, someone near him calmly said “Why don’t you give the lad a break, he’s only 17?” – this first ever mild challenge to his bellowed opinions so discombobulated Mr. Angry he muttered something unintelligible before lapsing into total silence until some point in the last 10 minutes, when he had a token rant at the referee about some perceived iniquity just to remind us he was still there.

    While on your suggestion about highlighting our youths more, I see among the list of those heading for the US tour is a name that had somehow escaped me so far, one Ruben Loftus-Cheek. With a name like that I hope he is good for his sake.

  • Blue_MikeL

    Empty here :-(

  • Fat Nakago

    I was in St. Louis for the Chelsea v Citeh tilt at Busch Stadium. It was quite literally a sea of royal blue. Our Chelsea in America group marched the 12 block to the Stadium singing and chanting and holding up traffic…a line of fans that stretched 2 city blocks long.

    It was a great game, except for the final score, of course. But still…it was wonderful seeing my Blues live for the first time. I envy you guys who get to see them every week.

    It was a friendly after all, so I can’t get too bent about it since points or trophies were not involved. Plus we fielded some of our youth and academy players against a stronger Citeh side.

    What impressed me the most was the play of two of our young players who got starts. Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Andreas Christensen were very impressive. The 17 year old Christensen especially given who he was up against. He held his own against Silva, Tevez and Sergio-Kun. So there’s hope for the future.

    Hey LOOK!! It’s David Luiz:

    • Blue_MikeL

      Well done! Keep the blue flag flying high!

  • Blue_MikeL

    Rafa is out to Napoli. It was good and good that it was. Good bye and thanks for all the fish.