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The Podding Shed #34: Super Frank Lampard (11)

The Podding Shed #34: Super Frank Lampard In which our toilers on the allotment of life discuss the Premier League games against Manchester United, Spurs and Aston Villa, eulogize Frank Lampard and look forward to Wednesday’s Europa League final versus Benfica.


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  • Joshua Sharp

    United’s last defeat in the community shield was delivered by Chelsea in 2009.

    • GrocerJack

      Thank you Joshua, more grist to the mill :)

  • Blueboydave

    Like the Shedders my memories of Frank’s early days are patchy and a touch vague but I too have a distinct recollection that he was decidedly unimpressive and looked out of his depth for quite some time.

    Can’t help wondering if he’d not arrived till the more recent days of pressure for instant success whether he would have been discarded prematurely before he started to show more promise.

    Surprised in your round up of Chelsea success you failed to give a mention in dispatches to Agent Bosingwa who did a fine job of dragging QPR back to the obscurity they so richly deserve. Thought he rather over-egged the pudding v Newcastle yesterday given that they are already relegated, admittedly ;-)

  • Ramone

    It’s the ‘bloke from New Zealand here. This week I’m in Melbourne which is a bit of luck as the Europa final is being broadcast here – unlike in NZ. If anybody wats to come down I’ll be watching in the lobby of the Pullman Hotel. 0415 kick off. Sorry for the short notice.

    • mark_25

      Definitely need more notice than that!

    • Dylbo Baggins

      I’m in Melbourne too but it’s friggen cold and savagely early so I’m staying rugged up on my couch.

      • Ramone

        It was a bit parky in the lobby too, so you did the right thing. We played like a bunch of boxers out on their feet, and we were pretty fortunate that Benfica refused to shoot in the first half – but we have better players and took our chances. Bloody marvelous from Ivan (took me back to Liverpool in the CL) and from Torres who rolled us back to Barceona last year. Can’t complain about another pot. So well done to everybody and , for those in the northern hemisphere, have a great night.

  • Gleb

    Broadcasting from behind enemy lines here in Lisbon. Hope we win. Benfica are a weird bunch. I’ve yet to see them play really well, but somehow they usually win. What they definitely are is disciplined, if unexciting. So it’s gonna be tough.

  • Gleb

    I guess it’s contagious. Now their manager, Jorge Jesus, had a dig at Chelsea fans, saying “Our fans, just like our team, are better”. Guess he won’t be welcome at the Bridge either.

    Though I have to say… Great job, Rafa! The man milked this opportunity to the max, fair play to him. The mad does have some balls.

  • Gleb

    I have to say, despite all the talk about the worthlessness of this cup, this was one hell of a final! You could feel the intensity and the tension. Everyone, at least everyone in Amsterdam, wanted this cup. I mean, it’s one thing to nag about it when you have to do the whole stupid group stages and whatnot, but a final is a different story. So I’m very happy and very excited! It was a proper event, nothing fake about it at all. Benfica needed it a bit more, obviously, so they’re totally devastated now, trust me. Especially after what happened on Sunday. In a matter of 4 days, they’ve managed to blow away a comfortable lead in the league and their first in many many years final. So sitting here I feel especially pleased :-)

    By the way, we’re only the fourth club (Bayern, Ajax, Juventus) to have all the European trophies (Cup Winners’, UEFA Cup and Champions League – obviously with all their weird names that keep on changing).

    • GrocerJack

      A report has been filed Gleb, thanks for the updates, hope you enjoy the read :)