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The Podding Shed #17: We Are the Champions of Europe (2)

The Podding Shed #17: We Are the Champions of Europe In an extended three part episode our toilers on the allotment of life discuss Chelsea’s remarkable defeat of Bayern Munich in last weekend’s Champions League final.

Unfortunately, Tony’s broadband connection fell over a couple of times during the recording of this episode. Foul play is suspected. Suspicion has fallen on Sepp Blatter.


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  • Cunningplan

    Great podding shed guys, and a fantastic way to sign off for the season.

    Well I think I’ll take a sabbatical until the new season starts, of course I’ll pop in from time to time, or if there is anything exciting happening in Chelseaworld.
    So in the meantime a big thank you to the podding shed crew, report writers, and fellow posters and contributors, and of course Nick!

    Have a good summer everyone.

  • IDM

    Awesome guys. I enjoyed Podding Shed so far. And you chaps are world famous. I was watching the CL finale from the pub in the  country across the pond. And that too on the best coast (i.e. west coast, SF Bay Area). I met 2 other chaps. Older gentlemen who have supported Chelsea since early 80s (I wasn’t even born then). We were talking about Chelsea blogs and all of us remembered of this blog. And we did discuss about Podding Shed. Extolling virtues of Brit wit and humor expressed through this podcast. Keep coming chaps.