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Welcome to Football Drills courtesy of the Chelsea FC Blog team. This section of the website aims to aid coaches and players in their development and knowledge of the game. Our team is passionate about this area of the game, hence why we've decided to build out a resource area for players and coaches to visit at will and take ideas from.


We've scoured the web for the best and most insightful drills and football training sessions which you'll be able to watch in video format with a full transcript available and details of the equipment used in the drill.

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Coaches: find your next training session here. Freshen up your routine and keep things fun for the players.

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Players: look at things you can be working on whether in training or in your own free time - remember, professionals don't make it overnight, they put in years of hard work to make it onto the big stage.

We're for the development of all players, whether that's homegrown or players around the world - and you most certainly don't need to be a Chelsea fan to take on board some of help on offer here.

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Football Shooting Drills
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The Best Football Drills

Football Shooting Drills

Football Shooting Drills

A goalscorer is worth his weight in gold when he's hitting the back of the net. When he's not, he'll cut a lonely figure. The most important thing is not to give up.

While this is true, there are a number of ways you can put a striker through his paces, keep him sharp and give him an edge in front of goal. And don't just think that your front men need the practice, these drills will enable midfielders and even defenders the opportunity to get themselves in front of goal during a drill so that when it happens in a match environment they're ready for it.

These drills can be worked on for players of all ages - from young kids to open age (adult level). The more time you get to spend with a player in front of goal, the more comfortable and confident they'll be when they need it most.

Football Drills For Kids

The future of football in this country rests on the shoulders of the next generation. Playing football the right way, learning the right way and being educated in the proper manner are key factors in producing top quality players.

But not only that, football most importantly has to be fun - particularly at a young age. Putting kids in an 11-a-side match just won't work and many clubs the world over have realised this.

We have picked out some of the best football drills designed specifically for kids so you can help your young team play their best football and take the most enjoyment from it.

Football Warm Up Drills

An often overlooked yet essential part of the game. Warming up not only gets your player's body ready for the match ahead, it also prepares their mind.

And warming up shouldn't be limited to match day. You'll want to design a warm up for training that isn't time intensive yet gets the players switched on and focused on the short amount of time you get to spend with them.

Players, more so than ever, need to understand their bodies and how they function in a sport-related sense. Warm up drills are a key part of this and time spent well here will benefit them on the pitch make no mistake.

Dig around in our resources and watch videos tailored to getting player's body's in the best condition possible before they take to the pitch and compete. The last thing you want is a player getting injured because they weren't ready.

Football Passing Drills

Football Passing Drills

While you have the ball, the other team can't score. What a beautiful quote. But more than that, it's then a question of what you do with the ball - is there intent behind a pass? Is their intelligence and understanding between your players because it's something they've practiced?

The answer should be yes.

A player should be able to recognise situations, and create situations, which are familiar to him because he's been through them all in training. Because it's not new to him. Football passing drills are as old as the game itself yet are as important today as they've ever been.

Touch, control, thinking about the next move, challenging the player's minds and thought processes as well as planting your own ideas as seeds from which can grow a very good football player. In our passing drills section, discover drills that are designed specifically to bring the best out of your players when giving and receiving the ball.

Football Fitness Drills

Football is undeniably an athletic sport - players, even at amateur level, cover so much ground in a game that fitness levels need to be of a certain standard.

There is nothing quite like match fitness to get a player in his best form, but there are also many fitness drills you can put players through to get them sharper, both physically and mentally.

And as we all know, a fit player is one that you will get the most out of.

If you're a player and are looking to improve your own fitness, whether in a training environment or under your own steam then you'll find football related fitness drills to suit you too.

Pre Season Training

The most dreaded time of the season for all players. While I'm sure that coaches secretly enjoy putting their team through their paces.

Pre season is a time to get rid of the excesses of the off season and get in shape for the new season. Managers and coaches tend to view this time of the year very differently - some will have their players on purely fitness related exercises, beasting the players until they can barely breathe.

Others want to get a ball involved as early as possible and get their players used to playing again. Whichever camp you fall into, we have picked out some the top pre season training drills to get your players in shape both with and without the ball.

Goalkeeper Training Drills

Goalkeeper Training Drills

Having a great keeper is a fine thing and their are a number of ways to keep them agile, test their reflexes and get the most out of their ability.

Goalkeeping can very much be coached into a player and it's not uncommon to see great advances in keepers from one season to the next.

The goalkeeper training drills we feature look at improving the all round game of a goalkeeper while getting the most from them as the player they currently are.

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